Is Kylie Jenner's 'Paper Magazine' Cover Photoshopped? Her Instagram Reveals A Lot — PHOTO

This month we'll be treated to Kylie Jenner's new Paper Magazine cover, hitting news stands April 12. The issue will be highlighting "the art, music, fashion and entertainment leaders of today (and tomorrow)," according to Paper Magazine, so who better to start off the conversation than 18-year-old mogul Jenner?

While the contents are sure to be interesting, let's talk about the cover for a moment. With Jenner's doll-like look and feminine (if not trippy) outfit, she looks like something out of a toy box. Which leads me to wonder: Have Jenner's features on Paper Magazine cover been Photoshopped? It would make sense what with the Barbie-like quality they're trying to convey, but we also know Jenner's infamous for lip filler speculation, so it's worth questioning.

On Jenner's Instagram she confirmed that her eyes and lips were edited to look bigger, which gave the cover a cool, plastic-like quality. Everything looks exaggerated and overtly perfect, which could go hand in hand with the Instagram theme of the cover. According to Fashionista, the YOUth April edition of Paper Magazine will have a "whole crop of rising Internet stars," and with our Internet celebrities comes a pressure to hold up a certain image or a certain perfect life.

It's no new news that there's an issue with not only becoming jealous over somebody's perfect Instagram life, or feeling the pressure to uphold a certain image or front, so this digitally-altered cover could be a perfect nod towards that struggle on both sides of the coin (the likers and the posters.)

But to be fair, while Jenner had her features digitally altered, her regular features are pretty close to the mark. Let's look at exhibit A, where she's lookin' pretty doe eyed and pillow-lipped:

Or exhibit B...

Or C...

Whether I'm onto something with our explanation of the artsy appearance on the YOUth cover or not, it's going to be interesting to read Jenner answering our hard-pressed questions. Paper explained, "we turned to our phones for our cover story, asking fans and followers to send questions to us via Instagram DMs. In the resulting interview, Kylie shares her thoughts on fame, family and the future." I guess we'll see if she feels like she has a plastic life, or a fantastic one.