The 'Swiss Army Man' Trailer Is Very Uncomfortable

Vulture called Swiss Army Man "the most divisive movie at this year’s Sundance Film Festival" and for good reason. When the movie premiered on January 22nd, the farting corpse and dead eyes of Daniel Radcliffe made people walk out of the theater. Now, the movie has a trailer from A24 Films, and the Swiss Army Man trailer features dead Daniel Radcliffe, and all of the questionable feelings one will have towards him.

The movie seems to be an odd mashup of Castaway and Weekend At Bernie's, in which a castaway named Hank (Paul Dano) who is about to commit suicide decides to keep on living when he finds a corpse (Daniel Radcliffe) washed up on the beach of his island prison. He uses this "Swiss Army Man" as a Wilson-style best friend with whom he talks to about everything from soul mates to masturbation (and, of course, the corpse "Manny" talks back after a certain point). Hank also uses Manny as a human multi-purpose tool to escape the island, because the body is somehow able to be used as a jet ski.

Even though Daniel Radcliffe is dead, he still looks dreamy in the trailer. It leads to some odd feelings about him. The following are the moments that captured these feelings:

1. When We First Saw Him On The Beach

At first, if you don't know what the movie is about, it just looks like he's napping on the beach. And you're excited to see him because who doesn't love a Daniel Radcliffe sighting?

2. When We Realized He Was Dead

But gosh doesn't he pull off that dirty look well?

3. When We Saw His Beautiful Blue Eyes

But then realized he was being dragged in the scene like a corpse. Awkward.

4. When He Spoke For The First Time

And we were captivated by Radcliffe's acting prowess.

5. This Vacant Stare

Either Daniel Radcliffe is great at acting like he's in the midst of an existential crisis or he's great at acting like a standing up corpse. It's any man's bet.

6. When He Spewed Water All Over Himself

It takes a certain type of actor to be OK with the sorts of thing Radcliffe did in this movie. An actor who can laugh at himself, who doesn't take himself too seriously. Swoon. But also, ew.

7. When He Showed His Prowess At Physical Comedy

That can't be easy.

8. When He Was A Good Friend

Sure, he's only acting as a dead person being someone's friend. But it's still nice to see.

9. When He Was Used As A Grappling Hook

And I was incredibly offended, but still I trust in Radcliffe.

10. The Indignities He Suffered For The Role

There's no way it felt comfortable to be tied up in that fashion. But he rocked it.

11. There Are No Words For This One

I'm deeply, morbidly uncomfortable but I still have high hopes that Daniel Radcliffe won't let me down.

Swiss Army Man is coming to limited release theaters this summer. I'll be searching it out, but only because I trust in Radcliffe. To decide whether or not you think it's work the risk, check the trailer below.

Images: A24/YouTube (12)