5 Best Dating Apps For Foodies

For hardcore foodies, sharing movie tastes, political views, or pet predilections sometimes isn't enough. If you need your partner to know the difference between gruyere and camembert, an ale and a lager, and a "Grandma pie" versus a pizza somebody's actual grandmother made, food-based dating apps might be for you. These gustatory-geared matchmakers focus on all kinds of fare, with the end goal of whipping up a mouthwatering pairing that will have you going back for seconds.

Because women are supposedly "more responsive to romantic cues" after a good meal, the success of your date might very well rely on food. That said, being satisfied by any old thing on the menu isn't a guarantee, and this is when it helps to have a partner who comes equipped with a complementary palate. Although opposites sometimes attract and bread lovers and gluten-free folks and vegans and meat lovers can mix and mingle, a lot of times these differences can be difficult to navigate. If you were offered the option to choose your next date based on food, would you bite? Here are five dating apps, from Gluten-Free Singles to Salad Match, that bring single folks together based on their dietary devotions.

1. Burrit-OH!

Last week, the dating site Zoosk launched a new mobile app that matches folks through their burrito-filling preferences. Are you a black bean and cheese person, or more of a lettuce, guac and carne asada gal? Whichever it is, Burrit-OH! is out to gauge your compatibility through a patented "32 ingredients" framework. The app, which is only available until April 8, then gives you the chance to talk with possible dates about burritos, because what better getting-to-know-you topic is there?

2. Gluten-Free Singles

Gluten-free folks are maligned left and right for being "trendy," and who wants to deal with along with someone constantly trying to offer you bread, or soy sauce, or chicken fingers or...just about anything that has wheat in it? Thanks to Gluten-Free Singles, your food allergies will be tolerated by your dating partner, and you can finally find someone to join in your quest for the best gluten-free pizza in the city.

3. Veggie Matchmakers

Back before the internet even existed, Veggie Matchmakers was connecting vegans and vegetarians with others who shared their lifestyle choices. Almost 35 years later, it's far more common to eschew meat, eggs, and other animal products, but that doesn't mean its easy to find someone else you dig who does.

4. Same Plate

This free service is all about "matching people by what they eat." Same Plate encourages users to post pictures of food because it's a great conversation starter. Takeout boxes or home made, greenery-filled or fried? You can learn a lot about a person by taking cues from their food and plate composition.

5. Salad Match

Did you ever think you'd find your soulmate through salad? Well, just like Burrit-OH!, Salad Match is a dating app based on your salad-preferences. All you have to do is login through Facebook and create a profile detailing your location and leafy likes and dislikes. The app does the rest.

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