Who's Behind Dumb Starbucks? Find Out, Dummies

by Alicia Lutes

Well, that didn't take long. After being open for only a few days, the man behind Dumb Starbucks has come forward. And it was a comedian who was at the center of the satirical take on the most ubiquitous caffeine peddler in the world. Because of course it was! Comedy Central's Nathan Fielder — of the 2013 series Nathan For You which was recently renewed for a second season — made the announcement about being the Dumb brains behind the Dumb satire of the Dumb coffee megalith in front of the Los Angeles storefront.

As for the reasoning behind it? Fielder explained that he was doing it in the name of "the American dream" and that he does not, in fact, think Starbucks is all that dumb. "I like Starbucks. I appreciate everything they do."

The comedian has a bit of a reputation for such stunts, including forcing customers to head to the top of a mountain in order to get a massive gas rebate.

During the press conference he also announce that he had plans to open a second Dumb location, this time in Brooklyn (natch). "This one really caught on so I'm just going to ride it out."

Dan R. Krauss/Getty Images News/Getty Images

According to the LA Times, Starbucks has said that Dumb Starbucks' fair use argument does not work in this instance, but realizing the hilarity of it all, has taken to the parody with a bit of levity. "We are aware of the store," said Starbucks in a statement before Monday's big reveal. "It is not affiliated with Starbucks. We are evaluating next steps and while we appreciate the humor, they cannot use our name, which is a protected trademark."

Here's a video of Fielder talking about the venture, if you're into that sort of thing:

Images: Getty Images