13 '90s Style Staples You Had, Loved & Can Still Actually Buy

There were many magical things about the '90s, including (but not limited to) boy band members with bleach-tipped hair and replying "As if" to everything after watching Clueless. Between taking care of my Tamagotchi and dancing around to the Spice Girls, I loved trying new '90s style trends endorsed by my fashion icons (Britney Spears and Kelly Kapowski, naturally). If you also grew up in this decade, rejoice! All the looks you had and loved are now shop-able again — so prepare to get nostalgic, and start rocking your old faves.

In the '90s, if you weren’t throwing a plaid shirt over your favorite band tee or tying one around your waist — what were you doing? Kurt Cobain simply would not have approved. Today, you can rock a long, oversized plaid button-down with a high waisted distressed "mom jean" that would have been a must-have for any member of TLC. Denim jackets were a must, too, especially when worn with an all-denim-everything look. (My favorite '90s couple, Britney Spears and JT, rocked the look in their infamous red carpet moment.) You can pay tribute to this beautiful #tbt with a light wash denim jacket by Lucky Brand. So, if you’ve been looking to bring back your '90s fashion favorites, you’re saved by the bell. Read on to rediscover the best staples from a fresh decade.

Water-Resistant Neon Windbreaker

Columbia Women's Flashback Windbreaker (Sizes XS-XL) , $23-$60, Amazon

"In West Philadelphia..."—need I say more? In the '90s, neon windbreakers were worn by everyone from the Fresh Prince to Zack Morris. This machine washable and water-resistant jacket by Columbia has a drawstring neck opening and bright, eye-catching neon colors. Users love the lightweight fit that's perfect for protection against windy days in warmer weather.

Stretchy Tattoo Choker

Girlprops Stretch Tattoo Choker Necklace , $6, Amazon

They say everything old becomes new again, and in the case of these simple, stretchy necklaces, that statement holds true. In the '90s, every girl from elementary school students to celebrities rocked a tattoo choker. These days, if you check most blogs or Instagram feeds, you'll see them popping back up again (oh, snap!). These necklaces are stretchy enough to fit any size neck, and they're comfortable enough to wear with everything.

Fun & Comfortable Jellys

Retro Jelly Slingback Strappy Heel Sandals (Sizes 5-10) , $12-$25, Amazon

Glitter jelly sandals were a favorite in '90s footwear, and for good reason. They're a simple and comfortable shoe, but the versatile style can be taken into the colder months with fun printed socks or tights worn underneath. These jelly rubber shoes have adjustable straps and a small heel for a grownup update to the style, making a fun look you can dance around in to your favorite Destiny's Child song. Users compare this pair's comfort and high quality to more expensive brands, like JuJu Jellies.

Oversized, Grungy Plaid Shirt

Persun Plaid Long Sleeve Dipped Hem Shirt (Sizes S-XL), $16, Amazon

Ahh: the plaid shirt. Whether I was rocking one over my Sublime T-shirt, or I was tying one around my waist (for no apparent reason), they made me feel so cool. This plaid button down shirt comes in a classic black and red buffalo print and is oversized for an extra grungy look. One user bought this shirt for an 'I Love The '90s' concert and said it was the perfect soft, comfortable addition to her outfit.

Crease-Free Velvet Scrunchies

Velvet Elastic Hair Ties (10 pieces) , $9, Amazon

On Full House, the Tanner girls always knew how to rock a perfectly high ponytail with a scrunchie. Doubling as cute wrist wear and a way to fasten your 'do, velvet scrunchies were everything in the '90s. Today, you can wear one and be confident that you won't take your hair out to find pesky creases and breakage. This set comes with 10 gentle velvet scrunchies in a variety of colors to match with any outfit.

Light Wash Denim Jacket

Lucky Brand Plus-Size Denim Jacket (Sizes 1X-3X), $99, Amazon

Lightwash denim jackets were a '90s essential — and they're still an essential now. This jacket by Lucky Brand is machine washable and has several pocket details on the front for added style. If you're feeling really nostalgic, feel free to rock yours Lisa Turtle-style with the collar popped.

Butt-Kicking Combat Boots That Are Actually Affordable

MIA 2 Parrade Boot (Sizes 6-10), $5-$27, Amazon

Every cool girl fashion icon had a pair of combat boots — from Winona Ryder to Courtney Love. They'd wear them with denim dresses, or even distressed shorts with tattered tights thrown on underneath. This pair of affordable combat boots has a neutral color that's great for any season will match any outfit. Users praise this boot for being comfortable and fashionable at such a low price point.

Floral Button-Down Dress

Tuesdays2 Spaghetti Strap Print Maxi Dress (Sizes S-XL), $17, Amazon

Grunge girls loved their strappy floral maxi dresses with buttons running down the front. They'd style them with a T-shirt underneath and canvas sneakers or lace-up boots. This chiffon floral maxi dress shows just enough — with small cut-out details and a front slit. Throw your favorite choker necklace on with a tiny leather backpack, and you'll be bringing '90s grunge into the 21st century.

Dramatically Distressed 'Mom Jeans'

Wink Gal Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans (Sizes XS-XL), $25-$33, Amazon

Super high-waisted 'mom fit' jeans were the go-to style for denim in the '90s. Girls would roll them, rip them up, and throw a cool belt on them with a shirt tucked in (or teeny crop top) to match. This trendy pair of light wash denim does the work for you with dramatic distressed details down the front, a snug fit at the waist, and a loose fit in the back and leg. Roll them up and wear them with your favorite pair of high tops or combat boots.

Vibrant Bucket Hats

Hatphile City Trendy Bucket Hat, $17, Amazon

Bucket hats were a dope look in the '90s hip-hop world. Recently, these hats have been back on trend for girls and guys with a taste for wild prints and bright colors, and it's the perfect time to snatch one. This tropical print "New York" embroidered bucket hat is an eye-catching and fun accessory to wear to your next party or music festival (paired alongside overalls or your favorite party dress).

Emotion-Revealing Mood Rings

Zodiac Wheel Sterling Silver Moonstone Ring (Sizes 4-11), $25, Amazon

If you relied on these rings as the ultimate predictor of your emotional state back in the day, you might miss being able to identify your true mood. Add this sterling silver moonstone ring back into your accessory drawer, and you'll once again be wearing your heart on your pointer finger. Bonus: This piece is a step up from your boardwalk-bought mood ring — it has classic celtic knots and the astrological wheel of the Twelve Houses around the moonstone.

Loose Denim Overalls

Torrid Overall Shorts (Sizes 12-28), $59, Amazon

The Fresh Prince rocked his loose denim overalls with one strap, which started a major trend during the rest of the decade. If denim overalls weren't one of your go-to pieces in the '90s, here's your second chance: These white wash dungarees are mid-ride for comfort, and they have stylish worn-in destruction details. Pair these with a pair of high top Chucks and hit the city for a laid back, retro-inspired afternoon.

Classic Bandanas

Double Sided Print Paisley Bandana Scarf (12 colors) , $14, Amazon

I'll never forget the first time I saw Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes or Christina Aguilera wearing a bandana. It started my complete love affair with the simple accessory. Instead of sporting one on your head (unless you want to — in that case, #YGG), try tying one around your neck as a scarf, around your wrist as a bracelet, or around your favorite bag for a touch of cool. This set of 100 percent cotton paisley bandanas comes with twelve colors to go with any outfit.

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