This Photo Of JoJo Filming 'The Bachelorette' Holds So Many Clues About Her Season

Ever since Ben went and detonated all of the prior decorum on The Bachelor by telling two women he loved them, Bachelor Nation now seems to be a rule-free zone. The Wild West of reality series is really taking liberties with its sneak peeks this time around. If you don't know what I'm talking about because you don't ardently follow series creator Mike Fleiss' Twitter, it's not too late (@fleissmeister). Fleiss has been gratuitously tweeting spoilers about JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette, which is being filmed right now. One of Fleiss' most recent tweets features a photo JoJo during filming. And, since fans are sadly waiting approximately 500 more years (OK, a couple of months) until the premiere, I decided to analyze the photo to get all the Bachelorette clues out of it and tide us over.

When it was announced that JoJo would be usurping the crown as The Bachelorette, fans across America were thrilled. She just seems so... fun! From her hilarious little comments, spunky attitude, and no-nonsense approach to love, JoJo is the perfect dynamic woman to encapsulate the role. Fleiss clearly seems to agree, which is why he is documenting so many behind-the-scenes moments he knows fans will enjoy. So that brings me back to deducing what exactly is going on in this picture.

On Twitter a few days prior to this post, Fleiss hinted that JoJo was now in a "far-away land... so romantic!" Only a few days before that, Fleiss noted that there were eight guys left, which would lead me to believe that this is not a hometown date, but a group trip, like the ones the cast from The Bachelor took to Vegas or Mexico last season. However, this looks like an especially remote location for any kind of romantic group date. Maybe The Bachelorette is taking a cue from the success of Scream Queens and switching up the formula to include a horror movie in the woods, where JoJo flips the trope and ends up being the only "hot girl in a white tank top" to ever survive the serial killer! #EmmyWorthy

My expert knowledge of trees (note: not a tree expert) indicates that the forest behind her contains pine trees, which can be found in pretty much every part of North America, but also in Europe and Asia. I also deduced that the path pictured behind her is comprised of either dirt or sand, definitely not brick or pavement or molten lava. There also appears to be some grass, leading me to conclude that she is in fact on Earth, and not a planet where there is no native water source.

Now that I've pinpointed JoJo's location as somewhere within the confines of the universe as we know it, I can speculate as to what sort of activity she may be partaking in based on the most scientific of indicators: Her outfit. With the statement feathers and overall tough attitude, JoJo seems to be channeling the vibe of Rufio from 1991 live-action film, Hook. Does this perhaps mean that the group date involves JoJo in the role of Peter Pan, orchestrating all of the remaining men into a Peter Pan-Lost Boys adventure?! There's no way of knowing for certain, but until then, bangarang, JoJo! Ya look great.