Hilarious NCAA Championship Memes

On Monday night, the 2015-2016 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship game saw Villanova Wildcats beat the North Carolina Tar Heels with a final score of 77-74. UNC had a 10-point lead against Villanova with just under five minutes left in the game. But the big win came when Villanova junior Kris Jenkins made a three-point shot right at the final buzzer, winning the team the NCAA Championship title. This will be Villanova's second national title — its first was in 1985 when they beat Georgetown.

While the game was full of excitement, especially the winning shot, fans are ruthlessly posting some hilarious Crying Michael Jordan memes on Twitter, along with other UNC upsets. His crying face is not new to sports Twitter, which shares the crying Jordan meme in times of defeat. The meme was created from a 2009 photo of Jordan, crying while delivering a speech after being inducted into basketball's Hall of Fame. And because Jordan is also a UNC alumnus, there was some added sentimental value behind the meme's circulation after UNC's loss on Monday night.

Here are some of the memes that might actually be the real winners of the night.

Now that the season is over, Michael Jordan has left the Internet with a new legacy of Crying Jordan memes. And if you missed Monday night's game, these memes should just about sum it all up for you.