Quick! Download These Apps While They're Still Free!

Sure, it turns out Apple violated anti-trust laws. But did you know that the App Store also turned 5-years-old Wednesday? To celebrate, this week, App Store users can download 10 normally-paid apps and games for free! So stick it to the man (kinda) by downloading the five best free apps:

Traktor DJ (Normally $19.99)

Help remedy the shortage of lady DJs in this world with this miniature version of the popular remixing software Traktor. This app allows you to spin and scratch songs right out of your iTunes library. It takes a little while to get the controls figured out, so you might want to put in a little practice time before you plug your new remix into the speakers at your next party. But we're sure you'll get the hang of it soon—Ultra, here you come!

Over (Normally $1.99)

Step up your Instagram game with this photo app that allows you to add a layer of typography over your iPhone snaps. It makes every Kodak moment look like an advertisement for your life. The only downside is that you only get a few "packs" of squiggles and fonts before they start asking you to pay for things. But hey, at free-99 what do you have to lose?

Badland (Normally $3.99)

Okay, so this is really just a glorified version of that Helicopter game you used to play in the middle school computer lab, but the graphics are impressive enough that they won at the 2013 Apple Design Award. Your goal is simple: navigate your little arm-flapping furball (and the identical friends he picks up along the way) to safety at the end of each level. Rinse and repeat.

Barefoot World Atlas (Normally $4.99)

Couldn't afford that summer vacation this year? At least you can afford this little app that literally puts the world at your fingertips. If you're as nerdy (and geographically challenged) as I am, you're going to love trekking across this tiny 3D globe with your classy British tour guide as he introduces you to the landmarks and characters that make each country unique along the way. Think Where in the World is Carmen San Diego, minus the game.

How to Cook Everything (Normally $4.99)

No, you cannot serve ramen noodles at a dinner party. But fear not! Mark Bittman ( New York Times columnist and Minimalist cuisine genius) has shrunk his massive cookbook into an app you can sneak into the kitchen in your pocket! This powerhouse cooking app not only has hundreds of mouthwatering recipes, but also holds your hand every step of the way with shopping lists, timers, and simple explanations of complex cooking techniques. Bon apetit!