7 Hacks For Applying False Eyelashes

Believe it or not, you don't have to be a professional in order to apply false lashes. In fact, even a beauty novice can have full, flirty fake lashes without a lot of hassle. All it takes is a few simple beauty hacks to have your most gorgeous lashes yet. No cosmetology degree required. Now, I know you're probably thinking, "I can't even apply mascara without getting it everywhere. How am I going to apply fake eyelashes?!" Trust me, I totally get. However, it's completely possible. You just have to make the lashes work for you.

The first step to applying lashes is to tackle them with confidence. As any makeup artist or YouTube beauty star will tell you, false lashes can practically smell fear. So, go ahead, and take a deep breath before you grab your lash glue. Shaky hands are the last thing you need with glueing bits of fibers to your eyeballs. With that said, the process itself couldn't be easier. Just channel your inner makeup maven, and prepare yourself for bat-worthy lashes. Wondering how you can master this tough beauty issue? Here are seven easy hacks for applying false lashes like an ultimate beauty guru.

1. Bend It

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As your eyes are naturally curved, so should your false lashes. Cosmopolitan recommended giving your false lashes a natural, better fitting curve by wrapping the base of the lash around your finger. Hold the curled lash in this position for ten seconds, and release. Voila – a perfectly curved lash.

2. Choose The Right Glue

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While many lash glues dry clear, there are a spare few that dry completely white. Yikes! Avoid the chances white flakes by choosing a lash glue that dries clear or black. Personally, I love using black lash glue as it blends beautifully along my eyeliner.

3. Use An Applicator

Applicator, $20, MacCosmetics

If you have shaky hands, you'll definitely want to use an applicator to apply false lashes to your eyes. Choose a tool that you're comfortable using like a pair of tweezers or even a specialty applicator.

4. Trim The Ends

Lucas Dawson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's rare to find a pair of false lashes that is the exact length of your eyes. Get the most natural looking effect by trimming the ends of your falsies to perfectly fit your eyes as recommended by This way the band won't over stretch on the lids, and look unrealistic.

5. Grab A Liner

Lucas Dawson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Blend your falsies into your lash line by adding a bit of eyeliner. Use a black liner along the band of the lashes to tie everything together, according to

6. Apply The Glue With Ease

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Applying the right about glue to the band of lashes can be extremely difficult, especially for those of us with shaky hands. Cheat your way to the perfect amount of glue by using the end of your tweezer as an applicator. states that the curve on the bottom of the tool is the perfect width to apply the glue without being gloppy or messy.

7. Apply Mascara Before Your Falsies

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So, you know how your foundation applies more easily if you use a primer? BuzzFeed reported that it's the same exact concept with using your mascara before applying false lashes. The mascara acts as the perfect base for the lashes.

See? You don't have to be a beauty guru to apply falsies.

Images: Courtesy Brands