21 Light Plus Size Jackets To Welcome Spring In

If you haven't embraced the upcoming spring and summer months with open arms by now, then I'm sorry to inform your winter-loving-self that they are inching closer to us with every passing day. And what's the best way to welcome a new season? A new wardrobe, including lightweight plus size jackets to help that transition happen a little bit more seamlessly. Even if you don't want warm weather to happen, it's happening. So you might as well lighten the blow with a little bit of retail therapy.

Personally, my favorite weather is this type of transitional period when you still need a light jacket but you can totally go bare-legged. It's a comfortable meeting of the cool and the warm, which often leads to some of my best outfits of the year. Because as much as I adore the heat of summer, I always hate packing away all my coats and jackets for the few months they're not necessarily needed.

In terms of a compromise, the way to go is often with a lightweight jacket that doesn't really make you feel like you're wearing anything at all, but still adds to your look and covers you up. Even in summer, a lightweight jacket is a good way just to keep the sun off your back and avoid burning. If you're one of those people who don't bare all as soon as the heat hits, hopefully this list of the best light plus size jackets on the market will help you as the seasons change.

1. See-Through Stripes

Stripe Bomber Jacket, $55,

What an easy way to combine your love of being chic and being a comfortable temperature. The mesh on this jacket will hopefully make this lightweight piece even more lightweight, with the added bonus of looking cool.

2. Embroidered Tassels All Around

Embroidered Tassel Jacket, $52,

The embroidery on this jacket is just beautiful and with its light tones, it's the perfect piece for chilled summer vibes.

3. The Classic Trench

Drape Front Trench Coat, $55.87,

I love trench coats for how brilliantly versatile they are. Combined with a heavy scarf and gloves, they're a great winter defense jacket. Loosely tied over a summer outfit, they're a stunningly simple and casual piece.

4. Baby Pink

Twill Trucker Jacket, $89,

This one is decidedly not denim, but reps all the casualness of a denim jacket with a more lightweight take — making it all the easier to wear during hot days.

5. Off-The-Shoulder Magic

Off The Shoulder Duster, $35,

Love the off-the-shoulder look and don't want to cover it up with a jacket? Just buy a duster with the feature built in.

6. Grid Print

Grid Print Jacket, $24,

Will grid print ever go out of fashion? I still adore it, and this lightweight jacket is the perfect way to show off your edge without having to show off too much of your body.

7. A-Line

Stand Collar A Line Coat, $460,

A dusty pink is always one of my favorite colors to pull out come the warmer months, and this gorgeous A-line coat is a great example of how to rock pink in the spring.

8. Fringe & Suede

Fringe Faux Suede Jacket, $66.37,

OK: A suede jacket might not sound like it's going to be especially lightweight. But this one would be the perfect addition to any boho dress.

9. Hippie Chic

Embroidered Jacket, $65,

What a perfect example of a summer jacket: Light, bright, and with cute detailing to make you stand out.

10. Camo Print

Camo Print Bomber Jacket, $40,

Camo is always effortlessly cool, especially in this kind of grayscale effect. Take your bomber game to the next level with this awesome number.

11. All Collarless

Jacquard Collarless Topper, $407,

I'm absolutely in love with the almost pixelated design on this jacket. It's an interesting effect that you won't be seeing on everyone.

12. Trippy Colors

Cydney Jacket, $58,

If you buy this funky jacket, you have to buy the matching bralette and skirt, duh.

13. Sleeveless Duster

Sleeveless Duster Jacket, $29,

The ultimate in lightweight jackets is definitely a sleeveless jacket.

14. Flower Power

Flower Print 3/4 Sleeve Jacket, $35,

If you're not quite ready for a sleeveless jacket, this three-quarter sleeved piece will do you well.

15. Burgundy Babe

Crepe Duster Coat, $52,

The hue of this duster makes it the ideal transitional jacket.

16. Cropped Denim

Cropped Denim Jacket, $68,

Want a top tip for making your denim jacket more lightweight? Cut half of it off. Or just invest in a cropped denim jacket like this one.

17. Checkers

Checked Jersey Jacket, $39,

Jersey is a great material all year round, IMO, especially for a chilly spring night.

18. Waterfall Coat

Waterfall Coat, $44,

This coat screams glamour without the price tag. It'll be an amazing investment for your spring coat closet.

19. Something Neutral

Drawstring Hem Trench Coat, $129,

A neutral will work with any springtime ensemble.

20. Moto

Knit Moto Jacket, $43.87,

As you can see, paired with shorts and a lightweight tee, this pink jacket is perfect for your summer vibes.

21. Easy Breezy

Brushed Check Long Line Jacket, $42.50,

Who said checks can't be worn outside of winter? This jacket only proves that you can rock the pattern anytime, anywhere.

Half the fun of wearing a jacket in hotter months comes down to how you style it, but most of the battle is won when you have an arsenal of great lightweight pieces at your disposal. Just like you might want to invest in a great winter coat, the same should be true of your summer clothing, too.

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Images: Courtesy Brands