Ray & Lexi Bring Family Drama To 'Catfish' That Even Nev & Max May Not Be Able To Solve

There are several obvious indications that you are talking to someone using a fake profile online, which almost all social media users are now familiar with thanks to MTV's Catfish. A refusal to meet in person or claiming to not have video chatting abilities are huge red flags, and a limited number of friends and seemingly stolen photos should also cause a smitten person to rethink their digital love affair. But the latest Catfish couple, Ray and Lexi, are about to add another piece of conventional wisdom to the catfish avoidance guidelines: beware when your online beloved claims to have two siblings whose names are extremely similar to their own.

Now, parents can name their kids whatever the heck they want. But it seems pretty rare for any family to have three siblings named Alexia, Lexa, and Lexi. That's just confusing. In the below trailer from MTV for this week's episode, it looks like Nev and Max have the exact same reaction to the Lex-trilogy that I do — but what else can be gained in advance of the episode's premiere on April 6? Here's everything you should know about this week's Catfish.

Ray Has A Huge Incentive To Find Lexi

The chance that Ray's naked pictures are safely in the hands of the exact person he thought he was sending them to is small, but I'm rooting for you, friend — no one wants to find out they shared something that intimate with the wrong person.

Nev & Max's Usual Tactics Won't Work

While the Catfish duo usually can spot a Catfish in just a few moments of reverse image-searching, it seems that doesn't work for Lexi's supposed pics. That could mean that either the photos are real, or, possibly, taken from a source who does not have social media.

The Whole Sister Conundrum Might Mean Bad Things For Ray

As Nev and Max dive into in that first trailer, Alexia, supposedly the oldest sibling in the family, has a Facebook page that might actually be real (whether or not it's really related to the "Lexi" Ray has been talking to). If that page is real, then that suggests Alexia is the real person, which lowers the probability of sister "Lexi" being real, especially since she seems to have no digital footprint.

Ray May Be Involved In The Sister Drama

According to an episode summary obtained by Catfish Fans, the episode will reveal that "Lexi's sister has meddled in the relationship in the past." There's another clue that Alexia could the real person, while Lexi may be a fake persona.

There's A Slight Chance Lexi Won't Appear

That would be a real Catfish first — if she decided not to appear, that would mark the first time the culprit never revealed themselves on the MTV series.

Something Strange Is Definitely Afoot

Lots of teases from MTV suggest a last-minute shocker, and given that if you search on Facebook for "Lexi Valenzuela" more than a few "Alexia" or "Alexa" Valenzuelas appear, I'm thinking it's undeniable that at some point on Wednesday night, Catfish will reveal that a member of the Valenzuela family is not who they say they are.