What Is Heather Thomson Doing Now? The 'Real Housewives Of New York' Star Has A New Focus

With the Real Housewives of New York almost ready to return, it's time to catch up with the ladies from the U.S. metropolis and see what they've been doing . But if you're wondering where Heather Thomson is today, unfortunately you won't find the answer on RHONY Season 8. In September, Heather decided to leave the series after spending three seasons on the show, telling Entertainment Tonight that she'd prefer to focus on the "important stuff." And it makes a lot of sense, since Heather has a lot going on outside of the show. While many of her former castmates have older children or are settling into the later eras of their careers, Heather is still actively involved in raising her family and establishing her brand.

Spending time filming RHONY has to be a serious time commitment, and, as demonstrated on the show, Heather and her husband, Jonathan, are focused on maintaining their strong relationship and lives outside of the series. And even though fans will miss Heather bringing her perspective to RHONY, it seems like it'll be for the best. Clearly, she's ready to move on, and judging from what she's accomplishing now that she's no longer on the show, leaving was definitely the right move.

She's Still Running Yummie Tummie

Heather's line of shapewear is still going strong, with a large selection of items that seem to be finding significant success. Whether you're working out or going to a fancy event, Heather likely has a product that fits.

Her Marriage Is Staying Strong

The ladies of RHONY are mostly single, but Heather and her husband, Jonathan, have always seemed like true partners, and that's now different now that she's off the show.

She Advocates For Her Son

Heather's son, Jax, is a liver transplant recipient, and Heather has been open about his health struggles on Housewives. But that advocacy won't stop just because the cameras aren't on her anymore.

She Travels All Over

It cannot be easy to make time for a getaway when you are a businesswoman and have a family, but Heather still fits in travel.

She Hangs Out With Kristen Taekman

Fellow RHONY Season 8 star Kristen Taekman and Heather have a lot in common — they always seemed more family-oriented, did outdoorsy events together, and went way back (Heather knew Kristen's husband from many years earlier). The friendship the duo formed over the last few seasons of the show has solidified into one that can be maintained off-screen.

She's Not Afraid To Take Risks

Heather was always the first person to jump into any kind of physical challenge while she was on RHONY. The other ladies may have considered spending a night without air conditioning an extreme sport, but now Heather has all the time she wants to go joyriding on motorcycles in Miami.

Heather Thomson may have left The Real Housewives of New York City, but clearly, she hasn't lost a thing.