Beyonce's Ivy Park Line Is All About The Neutrals

by Kali Borovic

Nothing Beyoncé does going unnoticed, and her latest announcement is proof of that. The singer is all about keeping it classic with a touch of modern for just about everything that she does, so it only makes sense that the same would go for her latest venture. What does Beyonce's Ivy Park clothing line look like? The athleisure collection uses subtle colors and simple silhouettes.

When Bey and Topshop join forces, you can just imagine how gorgeous the results will be. Sticking to a classic color scheme of grey, white, and black with a few pops of color, the singer has managed to design an entire 200-piece sportswear collection that is both modern and classic all at the same time. With everything from socks to bathing suits, there's something for people with all different tastes and preferences. In my opinion, that's what makes it so great.

Despite the name of the range, which would have you thinking it consisted of bright springtime shades, it pretty much just sticks to neutrals. There is a little hint of color here and there for those of you that can't live without it though. Queen Bey has given her fans a lot to look at with the video she shot to introduce the line.

There's bound to be at least a few looks that speak to you, so here's a little preview of what to expect when the line drops.

1. Basic Black Outfits

Simple and classic, yet completely stylish. Only Beyoncé could take an all-black workout outfit and make it exciting again.

2. Trendy Mesh Cutouts

What the line lacks in color, it completely makes up for with all the modern detailing.

3. Comfy Crewnecks

Pair that basic sweatshirt with an Ivy Park headband and you're all ready for your workout.

4. Knit Hats

There's also some minimalist-chic black on black caps for when the weather gets a little bit chilly.

5. Cutoff Tees

The line is completely black and grey. Bright white also makes an appearance.

6. Spandex Separates

I spy some more mesh, if my eye isn't mistaken. Even the most minimalist pieces get a hint of modern detailing.

7. Baseball Caps

It wouldn't be a complete athleisure collection without a logo-covered baseball hat.

8. Footwear

From the looks of the video, Ivy Park even includes footwear. Of course, there are socks to match as well.

9. Sandals

There are even some black and white sandals for all you stylish athletes out there.

10. Swimwear

You can't see it completely, but it looks like a black and white one piece also makes an appearance in the line.

11. One Piece

This is either another fabulous swimsuit or the the most fabulous body suit there ever was.

12. Colorful Activewear

Bey managed to sneak some color in here and there. Is that blue for Blue Ivy, perhaps?

13. Cutoff Sweatshirts

This grey cutoff sweatshirt really brings together the blue and neutral colors of the line.

14. Printed Bottoms

I spy some print! It's not much, but it adds some interest.

15. Ivy Park Tees

A little bit more color shines through with this logo printed tee.

16. Kid's Separates

If kid's clothing is also involved, you can have your very own mini me following you around at the gym. Talk about adorable!

17. Graphic Hoodie

Your average plain hoodie just got an Ivy Park makeover.

18. Boxer-Style Shorts

A tad bit more color peeks through with these boxer-styled shorts.

19. Crop Tops

I'm dying to see what color this comes in, but odds are it'll be a neutral.

Take about a sneek peek! I can't wait to see what other pieces are included in the line.

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Images: WeAreIvyPark/YouTube (16)