7 Beauty Habits That Can Harm Your Eyes

For those who find themselves prone to eye infections, you may want to turn to your beauty routine for the answers. In fact, there are several everyday makeup and skin care habits that could be harming your delicate eyes. As the saying goes, the eyes are the window to the soul, and you want to make sure you give them just as much TLC as you would the rest of your body. Keep bacteria at bay by being vigilant in your beauty routine. This means keeping your products clean, and ditching any products that may be causing them harm.

One of the main beauty issues that can lead to eye infections is improperly removing your eye makeup. As harmless as issue may seem, it can cause bacteria buildup and lead to some pretty nasty results. One of the best ways to remove stubborn eye makeup is to reach for coconut oil. As I'm sure you've heard, coconut oil is an absolute beauty must-have. It's perfect for removing makeup as well as hydrating your delicate eye area. What more could you ask for? Wondering what other beauty habits could be harming your eyes? Here are seven beauty habits you need to ditch immediately in order to maintain healthy eyes.

1. Keeping Eye Makeup Longer Than Three Months

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Keeping up with your makeup's expiration dates is crucial, especially when it comes to eye makeup. According to Good Housekeeping, eye makeup can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria due to the wet environment and dark packaging. Keep your makeup bacteria free by recycling your liner and mascaras every three months.

2. Not Washing Your Makeup Brushes

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Over time, makeup brushes tend to collect excess bacteria from both our faces as well as our makeup and other surroundings. According to New York Magazine's The Cut, not washing your brushes can spread that bacteria, and even lead to mold growing along the fibers of your brushes. How gross is that? Avoid possible eye infections by keeping your brushes squeaky clean.

3. Sleeping In Your Contacts

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According to Good Housekeeping, sleeping in your contacts increases your risk of eye infections and can even lead to possible damage to the eye. In order to maintain the health of your eye, make sure to remove your contacts each night with clean hands, and rinse with contact solution.

4. Applying Your Eye Cream Incorrectly

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While it may seem like a good idea to place your eye cream all along your eyelids, it actually isn't. According to, eye cream should only be applied along the orbital bone. Applying it near the lash line or inner eye can cause possible infection.

5. Sleeping In Your Eye Makeup

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As states, sleeping in your makeup is a recipe for disaster. As you sleep, your eye makeup can drift towards your lash line or eyes and cause bacteria buildup. This buildup can lead to styes or possible conjunctivitis aka pink eye.

6. Repeated Eyelash Extensions


Having long, flirty eyelashes is always a desirable look, however, if you are repeatedly applying eyelash extensions then you may be harming your eyes. According to, repeated use of eyelash extensions can lead to alopecia, a condition that causes hair to fall out due to tension on the hair shaft.

7. Curling Lash Post-Mascara

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Here's an example of a Pinterest-style hack gone awry. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, makeup artist, Kirsten Piggott mentioned that curling wet lashes or lashes post-mascara can cause the hairs to stick to the eyelash curler. This sticking may cause breakage or even pull out the small hairs.

Your eyes are one of your most precious features. Keep them protected by treating your eyes with the most TLC.

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