The One Toner Celebrities Are Obsessed With Is Their Secret To Glowing, Dewy Skin

At this point, we've all heard about the beauty benefits of toner. This magical product is one makeup artists and beauty gurus swear by for prepping and hydrating skin before applying makeup or adding a dewy glow after. After finally figuring out what toner does, I had to explore more about it when I heard there was one toner celebrities (and their makeup artists) swear by.

So, what's the toner? It's the Baszicare Roseus Floral Hydrating Toner, and it's the secret weapon that so many Hollywood makeup artists swear by. Fans of the toner include big names such as Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, and Rosamund Pike (whose amazing skin I've always been jealous of). The toner is formulated to be used after washing and drying your face. Why? It's designed to reset the pH balance of your skin. According to Baszicare, skin is supposed to have an optimal pH of 4.5-5, and toner can help skin get back to that balance after being washed with cleanser and rinsed with tap water.

Toner isn't just for using before you apply your makeup. Take Cameron Diaz's look at the Annie premiere in NYC. "Because I prefer skin to be seen through makeup, not only did I spritz Roseus Floral Hydrating Toner under the makeup, I also put a light mist on her when I finished her makeup," says makeup artist Robin Fredriksz "It set her look beautifully!"

I mean, how great does her skin look here?

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Here's Amber Heard at the Magic Mike London premiere, where her MUA also used the toner.

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So glowy and gorgeous, right?

Here's the miracle product that helped Diaz, Heard and all those other celebs achieve their glow.

Baszicare Roseus Floral Hydrating Toner, $110, Baszicare

The key ingredient in the toner is rose hydrosol, which is a floral water that's used in lots of toners for its hydrating properties. Here's five other rose hydrosol toners you've got to try.

Mullein & Sparrow Rose Geranium Mist Toner, $33, Amazon

I've only recently added toner to my beauty routine, but I swear by this one from Mullein & Sparrow. It smells amazing and has markedly improved the texture of my skin. My normally combination skin is much more even, with less dry patches and breakouts.

Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist, $37, Amazon

I swear by coconut water for hydrating me during a hangover, so why not turn to it for hydrating your face as well?

Fresh Rose Marigold Tonic Water, $40, Sephora

Although tonic water is usually something I look for in my G&Ts, not my beauty products, this toner from Fresh sounds super hydrating and refreshing.

100% Pure Organic Rose Hydrosol Facial Mist, $15, QVC

This is the simplest formula of the bunch — it's just pure rose hydrosol floral water, and it's perfect for sensitive skin.

EvanHealy Rose Petal HydroSoul, $25, Amazon

Another super simple product, this spray will hydrate, cool and balance your face.

This super simple ingredient creates toner that's ideal for your skin, so consider adding it to your beauty arsenal — countless celebs agree.

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