Lauren Conrad’s Birthday Party Was Goth-Themed. JK, It Was Adorable & Girly! Duh!

Lauren Conrad, who you know from The Hills if you're cool but Laguna Beach if you're cooler, turned 28 on Feb. 1 and had the cutest, most perfect birthday celebration ever. Doesn't she just seem like she's always perfect — well dressed, her hair done but not too done, and with impeccable makeup? If I recall correctly, even when she cried on The Hills her mascara ran perfectly down her face in a way that said, "I'm real, but I still keep it together when I cry." Conrad threw a joint birthday party for herself and her fiancée William Tell's 34th birthday which was Feb. 7. The party was perfect, I mean, western themed and, according to party goers, had a live band, mini pizzas, and red velvet cupcakes. It also had Stephanie Pratt for anyone who was wondering what she's been up to. Conrad shared a couple pictures of the event on her Instagram as well as some gorgeous photos of pre-party celebrations. Click through for all of the adorable festivities.


On her actually birthday (Feb. 1), Conrad posted a photo of a calendar necklace with the caption, ”Felt appropriate today :-)” Oh LC, you are cheesy, but I like ya.

Image: Lauren Conrad/ Instagram


Would Lauren Conrad buy normal balloons? No, she would buy really gorgeous ones that cover the entire ceiling of her bedroom. Duh! These were for Tell’s birthday and Conrad wrote, “Rise and shine birthday boy @williamtell2nd !!”

Image: Lauren Conrad/ Instagram


The balloons from another angle in case you want to be really jealous that these won’t magically appear in your room on your birthday.

Image: Lauren Conrad/ Instagram

Birthday Bow

Of course LC has a giant bow that is a perfect prop for cute Instagram pics.

Image: Lauren Conrad/ Instagram


“Trying to figure out how to tell these 2 they aren’t coming to the birthday hoedown….” Conrad captioned this pictures of her dogs. Note how the dogs have appropriate photo props too.

Image: Lauren Conrad/ Instagram

The Birthday Girl

And here’s Conrad at the actual party. According to a source who spoke with US Weekly, Conrad sang “You Are My Sunshine” to Tell. Hmm… this party sounds great, but that part might have been a little awkward.

Image: Lauren Conrad/ Instagram