Lauren Conrad’s Birthday Party Was Goth-Themed. JK, It Was Adorable & Girly! Duh!

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Lauren Conrad, who you know from The Hills if you're cool but Laguna Beach if you're cooler, turned 28 on Feb. 1 and had the cutest, most perfect birthday celebration ever. Doesn't she just seem like she's always perfect — well dressed, her hair done but not too done, and with impeccable makeup? If I recall correctly, even when she cried on The Hills her mascara ran perfectly down her face in a way that said, "I'm real, but I still keep it together when I cry." Conrad threw a joint birthday party for herself and her fiancée William Tell's 34th birthday which was Feb. 7. The party was perfect, I mean, western themed and, according to party goers, had a live band, mini pizzas, and red velvet cupcakes. It also had Stephanie Pratt for anyone who was wondering what she's been up to. Conrad shared a couple pictures of the event on her Instagram as well as some gorgeous photos of pre-party celebrations. Click through for all of the adorable festivities.

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