Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Seth Rogen's Christmas Movie Should Consider These 11 Funny Females

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The 50/50 team are reuniting for the Untitled Xmas Comedy . Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, and writer/director Jonathan Levine will begin shooting the holiday film this summer, as reported exclusively to The Hollywood Reporter. The story is based around three childhood friends who get together every Christmas Eve in New York City. Plenty of nostalgia and hopefully a bit of debauchery will ensue.

50/50 was Levine’s breakout film about two best friends who face the 50/50 cancer prognosis of Levitt’s character Adam. The film only cost $8 million to produce and grossed nearly $40 million at the box office and was a critical darling in 2012. It struck a chord with audiences due to the performances of its stars and was equal parts gut-wrenching and funny. Xmas will assuredly carry the team’s penchant for balancing humor with life’s scariest moments — there’s nothing like the holidays and reuniting with old friends to stir the pot of insecurity, loss, anxiety, and lots of joy.

Xmas has yet to sign on the third lead for the best bud trio at the heart of the film, so we’ve got a few suggestions for some women we’d love to see snag the role. Spoiler alert: plenty of men and women are best friends and there’s no romantic subplot needed! By the sound of it, Xmas might actually be a most honest depiction of how the holidays are simultaneously the best and (mostly) absolute worst time of the year.

So let’s keep that realism going here and have more men and women as true friends on the big screen. Here are our picks for their third lead.

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