These 'Bachelor' Alums Make Juan Pablo Bearable

There are about a thousand reasons to not like Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis. He says homophobic things, he slut-shames women — you name it, he's done it. So what's a Bachelor fan to do? If you're as over JP as we are, but can't look away from the TV in case you miss him being a jerk to some other woman, you need to follow these former Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants on Twitter. Every Monday night they sit down and mercilessly mock Juan Pablo. They're saying all the things you're thinking, but they're saying it out loud to a crowd of thousands and one of them is even followed by Juan Pablo, himself.

There's something very satisfying about the hate coming from Juan Pablo's own "Bachelor Family" and showing up on his Twitter feed. It's satisfying to know that they're just as fed up with him as we are. So before next Monday's episode, look up these three Bachelor Family members on Twitter. They may just make watching Juan Pablo bearable again.


This race car driver from Emily Maynard's season was always a fan favorite, and he is proving himself to be even better now. His tweets about Juan Pablo's journey to love are anything but full of love.


Ashley Hebert's sweetheart isn't so sweet when it comes to live tweeting The Bachelor.


She was our snarky saving grace on Ben Flajnik's season and in Bachelor Pad 3. Now she's on Twitter making comments that sound like they could come right out of our own mouths.