Miley Cyrus' 'Party in the USA' Could Be New National Anthem

Miley Cyrus' fans are storming the White House. Digitally speaking, of course. Some overzealous fans have created a petition asking President Obama to make "Party in the U.S.A." the new national anthem because, you know, the "Star-Spangled Banner" is sooooo early 1900s.

So far, they only have about 650 signatures, a cool 99,350 shy of the John Hancocks needed to warrant government attention. Worse still, the petition expires on August 1. It doesn't look like we're all going to put our right hand over our hearts and sing about not getting the memo on wearing stilettos.

But! Petitioners, don't give up. Here are 10 other songs that might be a great replacement for the "Star-Spangled Banner", too. If Miley's song fails, all you can do is try, try again. Raise your red Solo cups; it's time to get patriotic.

  1. Neil Diamond's "America." Guttural vocals about being free? All in.
  2. James Brown's "Living in America". Hey, if it gives you a chance to throw in a "Get up!", you take it. It's the American thing to do.
  3. Grateful Dead's "U.S. Blues". Because what better way to ice the opposing team than a 15-minute jam band song?
  4. Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way." "You are my fire; the one desire" -- pretty sure they're talking about the good old US of A right there.
  5. Green Day's "American Idiot". Honestly, this should be a valid consideration.
  6. Jay-Z and Kanye West's "Made in America". We pledge allegiance to our grandmas, too.
  7. Kim Kardashian's "Jam". Is there anything more American than her rise to fame?
  8. Travis Tritt's "It's a Great Day to Be Alive". 'Nuf said.
  9. Demi Lovato "Made in the U.S.A.". Because if we can't get Miley's song, Demi's is a close second.
  10. Lil Wayne's "God Bless Amerika". An obvious choice if ever der was one.