If Gigi Hadid Brings Zayn Malik To The MTV Movie Awards, It Would Be Super Cute

Half the fun of an award show is the red carpet, is it not? Let's put it this way: they didn't give it its own TV segment for nothing. Well, that and the fact that I most certainly don't prepare my snacks ahead of time for an event that is uninteresting. What is it that makes a red carpet so fun, though? There's the fashion aspect, sure, but honestly, the best part is seeing who shows up with who. Like, for instance, is Gigi Hadid bringing Zayn Malik to the MTV Movie Awards? That's the kind of burning question that you want to get all of your snacks out for.

It's a valid question, one I know you're wondering, too. Lucky for you, I have no qualms about making bold inquiries. I typically lack a filter. But it's not like I can outright ask Hadid this loaded question directly, and, even if I did, would she give me a straight up answer? Probably not. There's the whole element of surprise thing that'd be ruined if we knew for sure that there'd be a Hadid-Malik couple showing on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet. Also, you should probably never give the paparazzi that much advance notice of anything, ever.

How the heck are we going to figure this out then? We're going to look at patterns and behavior, friends.

She Brought Cody Simpson With Her On A Few Red Carpets


On the plus side, I don't think Malik would wear a hat like that.

And Joe Jonas, Too

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

See? This ups the likelihood for a couple showing at the MTV Movie Awards for sure.

Red Carpets Aside, She Starred In Malik's Music Video

I understand that it's not the VMAs, but music videos are tiny little movies in their own right. So, how could she not bring him?

And She Just Did A Photoshoot With Malik for Vogue

This, probably more than anything, makes me think he's likely to be on her arm that night.

They're Totally Smitten

They're in that inseparable stage of their relationship. That inseparability genuinely goes for public/major outings.

But It's Possible She'll Take A Page Out Of BFF Taylor Swift's Book And Walk It Solo


Meaning, that, like Swift does with Harris, Hadid will show up technically "with" Malik, as in they're sitting together, but won't walk the red carpet with him.

My bets are on the fact that they will walk the red carpet together. They're a proud couple and I don't think they're going to let anything hold them back. Save for some scheduling conflicts.