7 Reasons Not To Wear Underwear

by Lindsey Rose Black

Been feeling boxed in by boxers, twisted in thongs, or smothered by hip huggers? There's no need to get your panties in a bunch! With these completely legit reasons not to wear underwear, you'll be convinced to join team commando in no time. And let me tell ya, we're a pretty awesome crew.

I've rocked the mostly underwear-free life since elementary school. Something about underwear has always made me feel so uncomfortable, and I took every opportunity to sneakily take them off growing up. In fact, whenever I start dating someone new and bring them home for the first time, my family always manages to tell the story about how, as a 5-year-old, I once took off my panties (without removing my shorts, mind you) at Disney World's "Breakfast with the Characters." Pluto found the pair and handed them to my very (very) embarrassed grandfather. #SorryNotSorryGramps

Whether you're wanting to feel liberated and free, just hate panty lines, or are tired of the constant laundry cycle caused by needing to clean undies, I would encourage you to give commando life a try! Bustle's own Georgina Jones went commando for a week and lived to tell the tale, so there's no reason you can't do the same.

Scroll on to get inspired by all the happiness that is panty-free life!

1. You Feel Hawt

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's something inherently sexy vibes-inducing about knowing you're not wearing panties. I don't hate it.

I'm not the only one that feels this way, either! Los Angeles clinical sexologist Ava Cadell, PhD told Cosmopolitan, "Not wearing panties is risqué; you get a naughty rush knowing you're so exposed ... Removing the barrier that shields your intimate anatomy makes you more in touch with your innate sensuality."

Ow ow.

2. Fewer Yeast Infections

To all my ladies out there plagued by yeast infections, I stand with you in uncomfortable, itchy solidarity. Those freaking suck.

BUT! Going commando is not the culprit. POPSUGAR explained, "Wearing tight underwear or a pair of polyester panties can lock in moisture and lead to yeast infections."

And if you're like, "AH! Sleeping without panties sounds too weird," just swap your tight undies for a loose pair of boxers instead.

3. No Panty Lines

Like, ever.

I know, I know. Let that one soak in.

4. Reduced Irritation

When you have sensitive skin, even seemingly innocent silk panties can become the enemy. Luckily, going commando is a great way to rid yourself of inner-thigh-to-crotch irritation.

Dr. Gillian Dean, associate medical director of clinical research and training at Planned Parenthood New York City, confirmed this by telling The Village Voice, "It's better to air things out [when needed]!" Yas.

Also, she referred to going commando as "loose-lipping" in the article. #WomanCrushWednesday

5. No Wedgies

You'll never have to awkwardly try to pick your thong through your jeans EVER again. Imagine the possibilities.

6. All The Breezes

Anyone that's endured a New York summer has encountered a freaking sweaty ass. But removing those granny panties means one less layer of clothing that would've caused your booty to sweat.

Just, you know, maybe don't sit down on the subway...

7. Flying Pheromones

Forget Tinder, Dr. Cadell told Cosmopolitan, "Without underwear blocking your body, a man has an easier time picking up on your pheromones, which are natural chemicals you emit below the belt that make you attractive." #SwipeCommando.

Have I convinced you yet?

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