23 Memorable 'Pretty Little Liars' Headbands That Rival Even Blair Waldorf's Collection — PHOTOS

Pretty Little Liars may be no Gossip Girl (and, correspondingly, Spencer Hastings may be no Blair Waldorf) when it comes to rate of headbands worn per episode, but they've still managed to showcase quite the cadre of stylish hairwear across the six seasons. Yep, PLL has featured a lot of headbands over the years, and just about every major character has sported the style at least once. Of course, some of the Liars take to the style with more aplomb than others: as you might expect, Aria and Spencer have historically worn the style the most, albeit in very different ways.

When it comes to hair game, Pretty Little Liars has always been heavily populated with the ever-popular long, flowing, wavy locks (with the occasional A-induced choppy bob thrown in) and what better way to accent a truly magnificent head of hair than with a good headband? Unfortunately, headband sightings have have dwindled considerably with the advent of the time jump, but I have a feeling that on a show where clothes reign as supreme as they do on PLL, hair accessories will always be a major factor.

So, with that in mind, let's take a look at 24 of the times the eponymous Liars of Pretty Little Liars rocked headbands!

1. Melissa's Minimalistic Headband

Melissa may have been the first character to don headband, but she was by no means the last. And hey, it's the perfect ultra-preppy accoutrement to go with the white cardigan draped over her shoulders!

2. Spencer's Jeweled Headband

This jeweled number makes Spencer look like the queen we all know she is.

3. Spencer's Beaded Headband

She mostly stuck to delicate, unobtrusive numbers, befitting her signature preppy vibe.

4. Spencer's Beige Headband

This one is simple but adds something to her outfit.

5. Spencer's Ultra-Chic Headband

She treated headbands much in the same way you'd imagine a model for Ralph Lauren would — by pairing them with her signature plaids, blazers, and the like.

6. Spencer's Flashback Headband

That said, Flashback Spencer was a little less hip when it came to her headgear. Also, Emily's pink polo shirt is almost as egregious as Aria's pink highlights, no?

7. Spencer's Bike-Printed Headband

In later seasons, Spencer started getting a little more adventurous with her fashion choices, and her headbands were no exception. Seriously, this bike-printed number might just be one of her finest.

8. Aria's Statement Headband

Like Spencer, Aria has worn a lot of headbands throughout PLL's many years on the air. Unlike Spencer, she tends to wear them as major statement pieces.

9. Aria's Bandana

Who knew a bandanna could pair so well with a kelly green bomber jacket?

10. Aria's Sparkly Headband

Aria always knows how to accessorize, rhinestones included.

11. Aria's Flapper Headband

Seriously, she knows how to work the jewels.

12. Aria's Oxblood Headband

Classic Aria: Which is to say, retro with a punky twist.

13. Aria's Flowered Headband

Yep, Snow White would definitely approve.

14. Aria's Boho Headband

This one's a little more incognito than the others, but it's still plenty eye-catching.

15. Emily's Sporty Headband

I think it's safe to say that, of all the main characters on the show, Emily's worn the least headbands. And when she did, it was more of a utilitarian move than an attempt at accessorizing.

16. Hanna's Mod Headband

Hanna too, has typically tended towards wearing less headbands than Aria and Hanna — but when she does, you can bet it's fabulous.

17. Hanna's Old Hollywood Headband

One of the best deployments of a headband in the show's history, IMHO.

18. Hanna's Flower Crown

And it doesn't get much more fabulous than a flower crown.

19. Mona's Undercover Headband

Last, but not least, we've got Mona, a veritable headband queen in her own right. She tended to sport a lot of headbands in flashbacks, as in the image shown above, but she also broke them out in a major way after she got out of Radley.

20. Mona's White Headband

After all, nothing says, "Trust me, I'm innocent" better than a white headband paired with a Peter Pan collar...

21. Mona's Gold Headband

... Or a delicate gold one, paired with pigtails, an orchid, and yes, another Peter Pan collar.

22. Mona's Second White Headband

We're three for three on the collars and headbands, eh?

23. Mona's Green Headband

This particular outfit may not feature a Peter Pan collar, but Mary Janes and cardigans telegraph much the same message.

You've gotta hand it to the ladies of PLL. They have some serious headband game.

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Images: Pretty Little Liars/ABC Family (23)