8 Overnight Hacks for Waking Up Feeling Fresh

I sleep way better in the winter than I do in the summer (even despite the dry air) because I prefer to be a little bit on the cool side at night. That being said, with a few minor tweaks to your surroundings and habits, it’s actually pretty easy to go to sleep feeling cool and comfy so you can wake up feeling rested and fresh every single day—even in the hottest months of the year.

The first thing you need to do is create a peaceful environment in your bedroom, where you can feel comfortable and stress-free every night before bed. That helps you associate your bedroom with relaxation, which immediately prompts an increase in melatonin, the hormone responsible for making you sleepy. It’s also particularly helpful to prep yourself for sleep with relaxing routines to soothe your body and mind. Finally, temperature control is extremely important in your bedroom (especially during the extreme months) because, according to the National Sleep Foundation, there’s only a seven-degree range for optimal body temperature during sleep. Any lower than 60 or higher than 67 and your rest is immediately disrupted. Here’s a list of my favorite tips and tricks for getting a comfortable and restful sleep every night so you can wake up feeling fresh in the morning.

Upgrade Your Sheets To Microfiber

Microfiber Luxury Bedding Collection, $30, Amazon

If you’ve been itching to upgrade your cotton bedding, these microfiber sheets are an awesome alternative that ensure a comfortable and cool sleep, night after night. They come with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases, all of them shiny and silky smooth. Plus, they're wrinkle-resistant, and users say the color remains vibrant after multiple washes. They’re great for regulating body temperature during the night, and one reviewer writes, “I am thrilled with this sheet set. They are silky soft and very comfortable! The quality is exactly what I expected."

Utilize Essential Oils For Better Sleep

InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser, $36, Amazon

Essential oils are practically nature’s medicine: They’re made up of concentrated essences of plants and herbs that react with your body to heal and relax you. One of the best ways to utilize essential oils is to breathe them in (aromatherapy), and that’s why this essential oil diffuser is a great way to turn your bedroom into a relaxing, cool, and comfortable place. Along with the oils, it releases water into the air to help with your breathing, and purifies the air with negative ionizing technology. It has an auto shut-off function, as well as seven color-changing light settings.

Bathe With Essential Oils & Shea Butter Sprinkles

Elixir Naturel Best Organic Bath Bomb Sprinkles, $25, Amazon

A hot bath before bed is a great way to regulate your body temperature, relax your muscles, and go to sleep feeling clean and refreshed. These relaxing bath bomb sprinkles intensify the experience tenfold because they're filled with essential oils, Dead Sea salt, shea butter, and cocoa butter that calm your senses, alleviate anxiety, and replenish skin with all-natural ingredients. Reviewers say the subtle lavender scent and soothing feel make it a fantastic winding-down routine after a stressful day. One said, "I found these made me very relaxed and left my skin moisturized and soft."

Ease Muscles And Nerves With Magnesium

Natural Magnesium Oil Spray, $20, Amazon

Magnesium is known to relieve insomnia because it decreases the stress hormone cortisol, as well as relaxes your muscles. This natural magnesium oil spray is pure and undiluted magnesium in a convenient and easy-to-apply spray bottle. Reviewers call it their miracle cure because there are few things it can’t take care of — it can help with not only insomnia and muscle aches, but also period cramps, anxiety, and migraine relief. A quick coating before bed should knock you right out so you can wake up feeling refreshed and rested.

Cool Down Any Pillow, Any Size

Penguin Cooling Pillow Mat, $25, Amazon

If you’re a chronic pillow-turner, this cooling pillow mat will rewrite everything you think you know about staying cool at night. It’s made from one large, continuous sheet of gel that fits comfortably over any pillow, and its macro-molecule technology stays extra chilly all night long. It’s durable and rolls up for easy storage, so you can keep it in the fridge for an ultra-icy night’s sleep. Reviewers love it for everything from extra padding to pain relief.

Block Out Light, Keep In The Cold

Cooling Sleep Mask, $5, Amazon

Any extra light in your room — from street lamps to digital alarm clocks — disrupts your melatonin release, but some light sources are out of your unplugging-control. This sleeping mask set blocks out absolutely everything, but with a refreshing twist. It comes with a cooling or heating gel pad that slips easily into the mask for convenient temperature control. The mask itself is made from a nice, soft material that won’t put any pressure on your face and won’t leave indentations, and because it’s lightweight and comfortable, you’ll sleep soundly all night long. Bonus: The set even comes with a cute storage bag and an inflatable neck pillow that cradles your head and can be used while sitting, lying down, or during travel.

Instead of Cooling With AC, Sleep With Energy-Saving Fan & White Noise

Opolar Mini USB Fan, $22, Amazon

When I sleep with the air conditioning on, I often wake up with a sore throat. Turns out, it’s a pretty common experience for a lot of people, as air that’s too cold can dry out your body, lower your immune system, and impede certain hormone productions. This mini USB fan is a wonderful alternative because it keeps your room breezy, cool, and relaxing without getting so chilly that it disrupts sleep. It has top ratings because of its versatility and power-saving abilities. You can put it on a desk, clip it to a piece of furniture, or mount it on a wall, and because it has a 360 degree rotation (both vertically and horizontally), you’ll feel a breeze anywhere. It also comes with a four-and-a-half foot USB plug, and users have referred to it as “the best little fan ever.” Plus, although it’s pretty darn quiet, the slight white noise will help you ease into a more restful sleep.

Wear Lightweight And Breathable Pajamas

Just Love Pajama Pants (Sizes S-3X Plus), $10, Amazon

The No. 1 best-selling pajama pant right now, these comfy PJs make a compelling case for sleeping comfortably while looking cute. They're 100 percent cotton and completely machine-washable, and fans say the seams are flawless, and the fabric doesn't bunch, constrict, or soak up heat when sleeping. One reviewer said, "The material is similar to a comfy T-shirt, which is great for lounging or sleeping in."

Lucky Brand Knit Shorty Set (Sizes 1X Plus-2X Plus), $25-$44, Amazon

This matching knit set takes pajamas up a level with a loose-fitting cotton and rayon material that's machine-washable. Thoughtful lace details at the neckline and hem add a little sophistication to the sleepwear, and it's even available in a pink pattern, too, so you can pick your preference.

Hanes Striped Cotton Lounge Pants (Sizes S-L) , $18, Amazon

It’s important to sleep in something that’s lightweight and non-restrictive, so breathing, movement, and body temperature aren’t impaired. These lightweight pajama pants are made from 60 percent cotton and X-Temp moisture-wicking technology, which makes for a silky smooth material that keeps you comfortable while you sleep.

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