"Brewnited States" National Beer Day Map Shows Each State's Favorite Style Of Brew

Grab a cold pint and gather round, because April 7 is National Beer Day — which is a real holiday with roots in American history rather than in the Twitterverse (International Talk Like A Pirate Day, anyone?). More than 80 years ago on April 7, 1933, the United States, led by then President Franklin D. Roosevelt, took the first step toward ending prohibition by legalizing the brewing, sale, and consumption of beer with the Cullen-Harrison Act. In honor of the 83rd year of uninterrupted rounds of beer, Let's Grab A Beer has created a "Brewnited States" heatmap tracking the favorite styles of beer in each of the 50 states.

Apparently, America loves its lagers, with 24 out of the 50 states selling more American lagers than any other style of beer. Those are your domestic pilsners, your big brand Super Bowl beers, and the unsinkable PBR. And six more states have a combination of Mexican and European lagers as their best selling beers. But no matter what your favorite style of beer is, you're probably wishing your office would close in time for happy hour on National Beer Day, as according to a survey by Let's Grab A Beer, the majority of Americans of legal drinking age and three out of four millennials think that work should close up shop early for the occasion.

And don't forget to call your your number one bestie Tina Fey to meet you at the bar. Fey beat out Jimmy Fallon this year as the top celebrity Americans want to grab a beer with.

What is your state's favorite beer? Take a look at the map to find out!

As for me, I'll be ordering myself a nice tropical dry-hopped IPA or a drinkable Gose. Cheers, beer heads! Enjoy your National Beer Day.

Images: Pexels; Let's Grab A Beer