Why You Should Celebrate National Sibling Day

by Alexandra Antonopoulos
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There is no one I'd rather be stuck in a broken elevator with more than my younger brother. I've come to this realization slowly over the years, and as National Sibling Day quickly approaches, I thought blasting it over the internet might be a cool way to tell him.

It might sound like a silly, throwaway sentiment to anyone else, but it's not. Think about how patient of a person your partner in elevator misery would have to be for you to not lose your mind. They'd also have to be funny — SO funny that you don't mind the various iterations of sitting and standing you'll go through while you're stuck in there, and funny enough that your laughs drown out the sound of jackhammers and metal scraping metal while your rescuers attempt to free you.

Let's take some time to reflect on the relationships we have with our brothers and sisters, and appreciate them for what they are. If that means it's all sunshine and rainbows but you never discuss serious matters, so be it; if your big sis or little bro is the only person who truly understands you for who you are, well, that's great, too. No two relationships are ever the same, and when you can't change them — and you're stuck with them by blood — it's better to accept them and appreciate them for what they add to your life than wish they were any other way.

Your sister always came to your defense when you didn't ask

Remember when you broke the oldest vase in the house, but she jumped on the grenade and told Mom it was her? She even went into great detail about how she just wanted to see what would happen if it was tipped thismuch, then, boom, it shattered. Yeah, there have been innumerable other times she saved your butt.

Even though he's younger, your brother is infinitely wiser

How is it that you've begun to turn to your baby brother for advice? On, like, really important life things? When did his emotional intelligence and empathy finally surpass yours? It doesn't even matter. If your brother is the person you turn to for advice when your back's up against a wall, who cares how old he is? Good advice is good advice, and it's even better coming from someone who's known you most of your life.

They were your first partner in crime

You only learned how to hide the cookie part of the Oreo in the couch when your brother shrugged out of desperation and pointed to the sofa. You both knew what you'd done, and so did Grandma, but neither one of you would rat. Respect, man.

Your sisters and brothers are not going to be around forever

The loss of a sibling is generally regarded as one of the most traumatic events a person will experience. We talk a lot about appreciating our parents while they are "around," but shouldn't we do the same with our brothers and sisters? Some people just can't get along, I'll grant you that, but maybe it's worth a conversation to put some of that friction behind you and build a new relationship moving forward. If your problems are petty, it's a no-brainer that you should be the bigger person and begin the saying-sorry process; if your problems are deeply rooted and will never change, try to get to a point where they know you'll always be there to kiss their boo-boos, even if you don't talk to each other much. Feeling resentful or wishing you had said you loved them more is not going to become less painful if something should happen to them. Make peace.

He is the only person to bring out your most obnoxious, uncontrollable laugh

All he has to do is raise an eyebrow at the right moment, and you're 10 and seven years old again, giggling your faces off over something you did in public that you weren't supposed to do. Now, you're both closer to 30, trying very hard not to puke from laughing so hard that your neck is aching and your jaw is stiff. This is priceless stuff. This is the kind of sibling relationship that prompts national holidays. Every moment isn't this perfect, but somehow it seems that you can always make each other laugh when it's needed the most, even without saying anything at all.

Celebrate National Sibling Day with your brothers or sisters in any way you can: Call them, see them, ship them a last-minute gag gift, or write them a long, heartfelt email. However you can show them you care, make sure you put it at the top of your to-do list this Sunday. They'll love you more for it, which will make you both happier in the long run. And happy siblings get along well in elevators, I hear.

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