PicJoy From 'Shark Tank' Is Available Now To Help You Find Your Photos

Launched less than a year ago by CEO Zach Mangum, new app PicJoy is already set to appear on Shark Tank. Sensing a need for better organization, Mangum worked to create an app that would solve all of our picture-searching woes. As he told Digital Trends, "We’ve all been there, mid-conversation trying to pull up a photo with no luck ... PicJoy solves this problem so you never miss an opportunity to share an experience again."

How does it achieve this? Well, it uses complex algorithms to auto-tag your photos — by subject, location, and even season; essentially creating a search engine within your albums. That way, it's just as easy to pull up a picture from the blustery autumn of 2015 as it is to pull up the selfies you took in your bathroom mirror yesterday.

Additionally, it utilizes the iCloud, so your photo library can stretch back years, encompassing more than will fit on your phone. The app also allows users to create stories, which are actually not too unlike your standard Snapchat story. These stories represent a way to caption your favorite photos, and keep them easily accessible, and — perhaps most importantly of all — easily shareable.

Though it was just launched last June, PicJoy has already started to carve out a nice niche for itself. In fact, it might soon become one of those must-have apps. After all, it's quite timely — just when we're starting to reach saturation point with regards to all of the myriad of photosharing apps out there, maybe it's time for photo-organizing apps like PicJoy to swoop in like the proverbial white knight. After all, as Mangum told Wired, "There are so many apps out there doing [photosharing]. Now the way the industry is switching to solve other problems the user is facing — organization and finding a photo."

Interested? Well, luckily for us, it's currently available for free download, so you can always give it a try, no strings attached. The only downside is, right now, it's only available on iTunes and Amazon, so Android users will have to wait a little while before getting in on all the organizational fun (though don't despair, the PicJoy website promises the Android version is coming soon).

Images: Tyler Golden/ABC; Giphy