8 Time-Saving Beauty Hacks That The Pros Swear By

When you're in a rush to get out the door, you barely have time to pull your hair back — let alone throw a full beauty routine into the mix (nobody has time for that). But getting a swipe of color and touch of hair control doesn't have to be the gigantic eye roll it seems to be when you're already late. There are a few fast beauty tricks from pro hair stylists and makeup artists that could streamline your routine, so you don't have to send out that telltale "running 10 min late!" message to your friends or coworkers.

Hitting 'snooze' on three of your alarms might make sense pre-shower. But once you've washed, drying your hair becomes an obnoxiously stressful task that can't be done fast enough. When you have the right tool to do the job, though (nope — not even talking hair dryer here), you can soak up enough water to seriously speed up the process. Knowing those in-between, stylist-guarded secrets that make every step easier (like the pre-heat spray that helps hair dry faster) will keep you from stressing out before your next event. Whether it's keeping makeup in place without a bunch of time-consuming products, or getting that covetable texture you thought only existed on TV, these experts have the tricks. So go ahead — make your life easier with these pro hacks.

Give Your Hair Beachy Waves Right Out of the Shower

Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Session Label Salt Spray, $12, Amazon

Celebrity hairstylist Christina Buzas told Refinery29 about her trick for incredibly simple but well-defined waves that don't require an actual trip to the beach. She suggested splitting hair into pigtails, then spraying from the ends up with a texturizing salt spray. This one from Schwarzkopf gives you hair that back-from-the-beach roughness that doesn't get crispy. Spray it in your hair for tons of volume and soft waves, which users say feel great. One said, "I love it for my hair. It creates a matte texture and gives it a very easy feel." Then, Buzas said, just twist into buns and use a diffuser to dry.

Get Out the Door Faster with a Blow Dry Spray

KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry, $14, Amazon

Diana Crisin, Beauty Editor at, said using a product made specifically for cutting down blow dry time is a great option for speed and protection — in addition to keeping big volume and luminosity on lock. The KMS California blow dry spray can cut your drying time in half, and its rhodiola watermint ingredient cools and protects your hair, allowing it to stay smooth and healthy, even in the heat.

Skip Precise Lipstick & Go for Moisturizing Mango Balm

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm, $11, Amazon

Makeup artist Nick Barose told Total Beauty about one of his favorite lip products, Clinique's moisturizing lip balm. He said it provides a pop of color that's understated and really easy for anyone to apply because of the simple tip. This stick does away with the need to moisturize and line your lips before finally applying a lipstick — and its mango and shea butter ensure your lips stay hydrated and free from drying.

Cut Down Dry Time With a Microfiber Towel

Aquis Microfiber Hair Turban, $21, Amazon

Bobbi Brown, a celebrity makeup artist, cares about getting her hair to dry as quickly as possible. She told Health the best method is to blot with an absorbent microfiber towel, instead of rubbing, following with air drying. The Aquis microfiber turban is super absorbent because it's made with Aquitex, which is an ultrafine microfiber fabric that soaks up most of the water in your hair. When that water is soaked up efficiently (and gently) without damaging amounts of rubbing, you hair will dry faster and without frizz.

Define Brows With Soothing Pine Bark Extract Eyeshadow

Jane Iredale PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple, $33, Amazon

Makeup artist and author of The 5 Minute Face, Carmindy, told Real Simple that easily defining your brows can finish off a look if you're in a hurry. She suggests brushing an eye shadow with shimmery taupe or deep brown over your arches to add definition — without needing a pencil, a highlighter, or numerous other brow cosmetics to get the job done. This pressed eyeshadow is infused with calming pine bark extract to prevent skin irritation. Plus, the set comes in three shades, so you can blend them together to custom-match your brow color.

Multitask by Styling Your Hair With Hot Rollers

Revlon Ionic Professional Hairsetter, $40, Amazon

Senior stylist at the Ted Gibson salon Eugene Smith told Teen Vogue hot rollers are an essential multitasking beauty tool. A quality set of hair rollers styles your hair for you, so you can focus on other parts of your routine — instead of hand-styling with a wand. This set of 20 rollers in three sizes has ionic technology for conditioning, so you can roll them into your hair and not worry about drying effects. Fans of this set say they don't tangle when it's time to remove them, and one user said, " I am so thrilled with the results from my first use! My hair is shiny, has held the curl (even on a summer day with an outside temp of 95 and major humidity!)"

Pump Up Volume and Fight Oil With Texture Spray

ORIBE Hair Care Dry Texturizing Spray, $44, Amazon

Celebrity hairstylist Giovanni Giuliano told Refinery29 that when you wake up to flat hair with no time to wash, his choice is Oribe's texturizing spray. He said just a few spritzes will produce beautiful volume and texture. With this spray, it's part dry shampoo and part texturizer, so you get the definition, while the zeolite crystallines absorb and trap dirt, oils, and odors — keeping hair fresh all day.

Style Hair Faster (And Just Once!) By Sectioning With Hot Tool

BaByliss Pro Porcelain Plate Ceramic Flat Iron, $39, Amazon

Professional hairstylist Dayna Goldstein told Marie Claire that when using hot tools, it's important not to work with sections of hair that are too thick. The smaller they are, the faster you'll go, as you'll only need to run your straightener over once for the look you want. This ceramic flat iron is the ideal tool for sectioning when you style because it's one inch thick, which makes for ultimate precision and control when styling. Plus, it uses negative ions to smooth and repair damaged hair, so it doesn't get frizzy. One user said there's nothing about the tool that they don't like, and said, "I would recommend it to just about anyone looking for a top quality straightener."

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