6 Skincare Secrets Only Experts Know

by Miki Hayes

Regardless of your skin type or concern, it seems these days that there are so many tips, tricks, and hacks to improve your skin. We can hop on a bunch of different sites and blogs to read about different things that people have tried that did or didn't work. But what about those little-known secrets — skincare secrets that only experts know? Because when it feels like you've tried everything (what else even is there??), it's time to see what the people whose job it is to know skincare do.

So I spoke with a couple of experts. Dermatologist, Dr. Hadley King, and CEO of skincare line Immunocologie, Karen Ballou, provided some insight as to what the professionals know and do. Seriously, whether you need advice on the best anti-aging treatments, how to treat acne, or even how to get that natural glow, these ladies have suggestions that you may have never even heard of or considered before. And with no appointment necessary. Because what could be better than caring for you skin the way the experts do? Here are six secrets that will totally improve your skincare game that only the experts knew... until now.

1. Pillowcase Maintenance Is Key

Nurse Jamie Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow, $69, Nurse Jamie

The type of pillow you sleep on and how you take care of it can have an impact on your skin. Dr. King let me know that many people have more or deeper wrinkles on whichever side of their face they sleep on. To combat wrinkles caused simply from sleeping, she recommends using a silk or satin pillowcase, as it's much gentler on the skin. But wrinkles aren't the only problem your pillow could be causing.

Ballou also revealed that infrequently washing your pillowcase could be causing acne. "When we sleep, we transfer dirt, oils and dead skin cells onto our pillowcases that can clog pores and cause unwanted blemishes." To reduce this buildup, she recommends changing your pillowcase every two to three days.

2. Don't Overlook Drugstore Brands

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream, $13, Amazon

Dr. King revealed that many drugstore products are just as effective as more expensive, department-store brands. So make sure to read the ingredients list to know whether you're paying for the product or its packaging. Her favorite moisturizer? This Cetaphil cream.

3. Retinoids FTW

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum, $18, Amazon

"I am a big believer in the anti-aging properties of topical retinoids," says Dr. King. When looking for an anti-aging product, check the ingredients to see if there is a type of retinol, as these are generally more effective than other anti-aging ingredients. If you need more strength than what you can find OTC though, talk to your dermatologist about a prescription retinoid.

4. The Easiest Way To Minimize Under-eye Circles

Here's a cool tip. According to Ballou, under-eye puffiness and dark circles can actually be a result of limited circulation that leads to inflammation. "By lightly tapping the skin around the orbital eye area with your ring finger, you’ll help encourage circulation that flushes out those capillaries, bringing some brilliance back to those little windows into your soul." Genius.

5. The Correct Order To Layer Skincare

Getting the most out of your skincare products also isn't totally about what you use. It also matter the order in which you use them. Ballou suggests cleansing first, exfoliating second (or replacing the first steps with a treatment mask), apply serums next, and finish with creams. "By doing this, you maximize the benefits of your nutrient-rich serums and will see better results from each part of your regimen."

6. Good Circulation = Glowing Skin

Although this last one might surprise you, Ballou swears by it. She explains:

Our circulatory system holds so many keys to our skin’s health, it’s important to give it a little boost every now and then. When I notice my skin is looking a little inflamed or groggy, especially in the morning, I like to lay on the floor along a wall, lift my legs so they’re resting on the wall, place a facecloth with cold water on my face, taking deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, and rest for 5-10 minutes. By doing this, you’re encouraging stronger circulation to the face and upper body you don’t typically get sitting, standing or lying down. Not to mention, it’s a great opportunity to meditate and take a moment for yourself before or after a busy day.

Who knew the key to a glowing complexion could be lying on the floor for a few minutes? I'm all over this.

Images: Courtesy of Brands; Miki Hayes (2); pixolga/Pixabay