I Tried The Tweexy Nail Polish Holder & Here’s What Happened

There are two things in this life I excel at: nail art and clumsiness. When you put these two together, you get a desk (and a couch and a carpet and OK, some shoes too) splattered with nail polish. So trying the Tweexy nail polish holder was right up my alley, and I was pretty excited about it. It seems like it's made just for me, to solve the primary problem I have with painting my nails as a the clumsiest person in America.

But I had my reservations. And a lot of questions. Well, nine questions about the Tweexy, to be exact, as you will see below. So in the name of curiosity, I decided to science this thing. And by science, I mean test this thing in every possible way I could think of, then put the results on the Internet for all of the world to see. Because, really, I'm a giver. Although, I do wish I had a lab coat and safety glasses, because that's how you know you're officially doing science. But what I lack in personal protective equipment, I make up for in glitter. Anyway, on to the experiments.

Tweexy, $10, Amazon

1. What Is It?

Well, I know what it is, but in case you weren't 100 percent sure, I decided to start off with a breakdown. According to the official website, Tweexy is the original wearable nail polish holder. It goes on your fingers, and holds your polish tightly so it's stable, close to you, and less likely to spill, when you're at home or on the go. It's a soft, rubbery silocone and it comes in pink, blue, and green.

2. Will It Fit My Fingers?

I can't begin to tell you how many times I've gotten excited about something wearable, only to be thwarted by whatever it is not fitting me. It happens almost every time I try to buy a fanny pack, boots that go over my calves, even sometimes trendy glasses. So I immediately worried that the Tweexy wouldn't fit, or that it would be a tight fit, even though the box says it fits every hand and every bottle.

My fellow plus size unicorns know the feels that accompany "one size fits all." But no worries with the Tweexy. I have a size 9 to 10 ring finger and I had plenty of room to spare. Plus, the bottoms of the finger holes are open, not closed, so let this not be a concern.

3. Will It Hold All Size Bottles?

Ah, yes. Time to science. I gathered up all of the interesting and different bottle shapes and sizes I could find. I was sure it would fit my standard OPI bottles, but what about my tall, skinny Julep bottles? I tested the Tweexy on them all, and I was surprised to find out that they all fit.

The only time it failed my bottle test was when I tried to use one of those mini sample bottles from that are the size of a peanut. But if I wanted to, I could have jammed a paper towel into the Tweexy and it would have held that little baby bottle, too. As you can see from the picture, it even held one of my big bottles of glitter. So my official science verdict is that it will hold pretty much any bottle you try to put in it.

Later, after I scoped out the videos on the website, I found that lifting up some of the petals gives you even extra support for round, tapered, and odd-sized bottles. This is good info to have, because a couple were a little wobbly. But now I know better.

4. Will It Stay Put?

Deep inside, there are little grippers that keep your bottle from moving back and forth. Plus, the petals add a surprising amount of tension. In the pictures, you'll see it from a few severe angles, and you'll also see that it doesn't move. Smaller or thinner bottles did move, but that was before I learned the trick about folding some of the petals up. So unless you somehow forget you're wearing it, and join in on a jump roping competition, I'm pretty sure you're going to be safe.

5. Does It Get In The Way?

This is the view from the top, from the position I'd normally be in when I paint my nails. I have the world's shortest pinky, so I have to bring my hand in closer to my body and lean forward a little to get to it. It's not a big deal. It doesn't put me in an uncomfortable position. I could move the tweexy to other fingers, then move it back, or take my rings off to give me another half inch or so, but that's too much work. Honestly, there's enough room.

6. Will It Ruin My Mani When I Take It Off?

Nope! I worried about this too, but it doesn't go on and off like a ring. It has two little flaps on the side that open it up. When you squeeze the flaps, it opens up the finger holes like a claw machine arm, so you can put it on and take it off from the top, and not from the front.

7. How Else Can I Use It?

OK, so here's where things get exciting. I found that the Tweexy was awesome for painting my nails, but it's real usefulness came into play when it was time to make nail art. It has a couple really useful advantages in that arena.

Here's the Tweexy with my topcoat still inside. Notice the small dots. They're there because I wanted to see if I had room to use it as a palette for some quick dots. I did! I had plenty of room to dab on a couple of drops of polish, then test out my dotting tool.

I took the bottle out, and there was so much room on the silicone petals! I put together two lines of polish and blended them with my fan brush.

I wanted small dots, but just on the tip, so I stuck a toothpick in between the petals while I doled out my tape, which I also stuck to the side. This begged the question, can this thing hold all my gear?

So here it is with my topcoat, dotting tool and crystal file all on board. Because why not? It was like a party bus for nail art. It was so handy to have all my supplies literally right in front of my face. I just picked them up, used them, then stuck them right back in.

8. Will I Actually Use It Going Forward?

This video shows someone using the Tweexy on the train, which really speaks to me. I go on a lot of road trips. I spill a lot of polish in the car. I'm going to get one just for my glove box so my wife doesn't have to sigh every time I spill polish on her interior. And honestly, having a silicon palette, literally at my fingertips, is so useful. I'm usually scrambling for a lid, post-it, or even the nails on my other hand to use in this way. So yes, I see myself using it a lot.

9. Where Can You Get One?

Tweexy, $10, Amazon

Tweexy sells through Amazon, so yay. I love when I can get things through Amazon, mostly because I'm impatient. I'm super in love with the pink one, but I think the next one I order will be blue, because the blue one has glitter in it, and glitter is basically my life. It's casual.

In my book, the Tweexy is a definite winner to this nail-obsessed, but also super clumsy plus-sized land mermaid. And nobody paid me extra money or promised me new cars to say that. It's my real feels. Happy manicuring!

Images: Teresa Newsome; Tweexy