Can You Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Remove Makeup? Here's What You Need To Know

If you're a beauty and health guru like me, you probably already know that apple cider vinegar works wonders when it comes to detoxing, lowering cholesterol and more. But the question that seems to be causing the most buzz on the Internet is whether or not apple cider vinegar can be used to remove makeup. While the answer isn't definitely no, multiple sources, such as Mind Body Green , say that this household product does have other things it's better suited for when it comes to skin care.

According to Health Ambition, apple cider vinegar has both antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, making it a great tool for acne prevention. It also contains powerful alpha hydroxy acids, which can be helpful in removing dead skin. In fact, many commercial skin care brands sell products that contain this acid, but apple cider vinegar actually contains higher levels than most toners sold by beauty brands, and is available at the local grocery store. While there's never a guarantee that it works for everyone, if you're ballin' on a budget and need a cost-effective, natural acne remedy, this may worth a try!

As a general rule, natural oils are a better choice for makeup removers because oil helps break down waterproof substances used in products like eyeliner and mascara gently and efficiently. If you clicked this article to learn more about natural makeup removers, you're in luck! Since apple cider vinegar seems to be a better option for toner, here are a few equally as inexpensive household ingredients that'll help you take that waterproof eyeliner off.

1. Coconut Oil

It's no secret that coconut oil is the magic ingredient for beautiful hair and skin, but according to Allure , it also works great as a makeup remover!

2. Jojoba Oil

Dessert Essence Jojoba Oil,, $7.79

Similar to coconut oil, says that jojoba oil has many uses when it comes to beauty, one of which is removing makeup.

3. Cucumber

Jigyasa-ing on YouTube

In the above video, learn how to make your very own cucumber makeup remover! Cucumber also helps soothe the skin and get rid of redness.

4. Milk

According to Total Beauty , milk is also a great option.

5. Yogurt

And if you ran out of milk, yogurt works just as well, according to Total Beauty. Yes, really!

6. Grapeseed Oil

GlamorousLife328 on YouTube

Don't believe me? Just watch! This savvy YouTube user calls it "the best makeup remover ever".

7. Avocado

Best for stubborn eye makeup, StyleCaster points out that we may not always have avocado oil laying around in our houses, so why not try avocado oil?

8. Olive Oil

ilyjessicaomg on YouTube

As Jessica demonstrates, olive oil can remove even a full face of makeup!

9. Almond Oil

According to StyleCraze, this is another ingredient that's raved about as an incredibly effective option for removing makeup.

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