Watch 100 Years Of Hat Trends In Two Minutes, Because A Whole Lot Has Changed Over The Years — VIDEO

If you're hooked on the 100 years of fashion/beauty trends videos, then you're definitely going to want to check out this latest. A couple models 100 years of hats in two minutes, according to Elle, and it's definitely been a flashy and flamboyant headwear century, to say the least. As a total hat lover, this video is everything.

Mode is continuing their 100 Years of Fashion series with this new video recapping hat trends over the years, and one of the things I love about it so much is that it features both men's and women's hat styles, so we can see how both evolved. And hats have seriously come a long way. Though the differences through the decades start off subtle, by the time we reach mid-century, things change drastically, going from prim and proper to totally psychedelic and embellished. But one thing the video did get wrong? The '90s. Prepare to be a little disappointed when you realize there's no bucket hat (which totally defined that decade, by the way).

The video opens in 1910 with the classic mens bowler hat and oversized feather for the lady, but then we get to the '20s and things get a little more fun.

Even though I'm a girl and I'm living in 2016, I still love me a boater hat come summertime. Transitioning through the next few decades, things stay relatively similar and polished with cloches, fedoras, florals, and feathers, but by the time we hit the '60s, things take a turn for the over-the-top.

Women rocked psychedelic hats, while men traded in their brimmed hats for newsboy caps, and it's all kinds of great.

The '90s missed the mark a little bit, though. Though the dudes are still into the caps, I'm a little let down we didn't get a bucket hat to represent the females. You know you had one in your closet. Don't deny it.

2000 is dead-on, though, with the straw beach hat and ironic trucker hat, and 2010 leaves us pretty much where we are today:

Selfie. Musical festival. Fedora. Yeah, that about sums up where we're at right now.

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