Rebecca Really Likes Greg On 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend'

by Kaitlin Reilly

If Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was a person, I might consider packing up my life and moving out to West Covina to be near it. (Hey, it's only two hours to the beach. Four in traffic.) Fortunately, it's not, but it is a beautiful, weird little show that truly deserves all of the hype and adoration. The series, which includes original music numbers so fun that even the most discerning musical theater geek will find them delightful, is a lot of things: it's smart, feminist, and laugh-out-loud hilarious. In this exclusive Crazy Ex-Girlfriend clip, we see Rebecca getting it on with her "friends with benefits" Greg — only to realize that, in between the pounding, she's developing some serious feels.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend may be a romantic comedy (it is, after all, about a "crazy ex-girlfriend" who moves across the country to be with her camp boyfriend) but it turns the typical notions of this genre on its head. Rebecca may moon over Josh, but she's also a sex-positive lady and the captain of her own, often misguided love story. Greg and Rebecca have had quite the tumultuous romance, despite never actually becoming a solidified couple. Greg has had a crush on Rebecca since she walked into his bar, but a serious of unfortunate events (and, OK, choices) have sabotaged what could have been an actual relationship. Yet in the episode "Josh' Sister Is Getting Married!," we saw that maybe, just maybe, these two could make some sort of arrangement work — even if that was just three days of seriously awesome sex.

But will that be all that transpires between these two? The romantic tension and season-long buildup suggests no way. The musical scene depicts Rebecca and Greg in the throes of a seriously steamy sex session, only for Rebecca to realize, oh, crap — she really, really likes Greg. Like, wants to take him on a rowboat. Of course, she also really likes getting laid, hence her conundrum: does she force the feels back down in order to continue their meaningless romp around Sexy Town? That's what's racing through Rebecca's mind in this clip from "Why Is Josh In A Bad Mood?"

You have to admit that no matter what feelings Rebecca has for Greg, it's pretty awesome to see a TV show that depicts a woman actively enjoying her own sex life — because really, there's no shame in that game. Rebecca may have her moments of instability, but she's smart enough to know that, feelings or no feelings, sometimes you just want to get it on.

But uh, really — totally shipping Greg and Rebecca here.

Image: The CW