Guess Who's Going to be in a Lady Gaga video?

Ra, ah, ah, ah, ah. Roma, ah, ah, ah! Want the Real Housewives. According to Us Weekly, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are in a Lady Gaga music video. A source says the very secret Gaga video was “built around the cast” and also includes an Andy Cohen cameo. The vid was shot after the taping of the RHOBH reunion. AHKZHJZAPQMFMRZHGH. It’s as if Gaga was like, “Hey, Housewives! There’s this person named Kristie. She loves my music and she loves your show and she loves Andy Cohen. Let’s work together! Her brain will explode!” Obviously, that’s not at all what went down (Gaga and the Housewives don’t make creative decisions because of little old me). Even so, I'm spazzing over it.

Gaga is a loud and proud fan of all of the Housewives franchises (and Housewives spinoff Vanderpump Rules), so this collaboration isn’t the craziest thing that’s ever come together. Yep, Gaga is a real human who’s addicted to reality television. JUST LIKE ME! Does Gaga wear a Gaga-esque costume while she’s unwinding with her DVR? Or does she toss on a pair of sweat pants, slipper socks, and an old t-shirt she got for free at a fundraiser in high school? What’s Gaga’s Bravo show watching strategy?

What can we expect from the Gaga/RHOBH vid? PERFECTION. PERIOD. Will the Beverly Hills Housewives perform choreo? I CAN ONLY HOPE. It's a Gaga vid, so dancing is practically a given.

We might see a Richards ponytail flip:

Or two:

Or some saucy moves from Lisa Vanderpump:

Or! Maybe a Brandi Glanville shimmy:


Augh. I don't even know which song the video is for, but I don't care. I'm confident it'll be a slam dunk no matter what.

Images:Getty Images; realitytvgifs/tumblr (3); brokegifs/tumblr; lexapro-trazodone-topamax/tumblr