Valerie's Divorce On 'The Catch' Proves That Alice Isn't The Only One Who's Unlucky In Love

We're only three episodes into the season and there are undoubtedly plenty of surprises ahead, but one thing's for certain — seemingly everyone on The Catch is quite unlucky in the romance department. In the pilot, Alice Vaughan's con artist fiancé peaced out with all her money. Well, sort of — Christopher just can't stop thinking about her and if Margot finds out she'll most definitely have Alice killed. (Heck, based on the April 7 episode "The Trail," I wouldn't be surprised if Margot attacks Alice herself.) But, Valerie's divorce on The Catch proves that Alice isn't the only one who's been betrayed by the person she trusted most.

We already knew that Valerie was going through an acrimonious divorce after her husband cheated on her once and then confessed. While Alice thinks he deserves some credit for 'fessing up immediately, Valerie thinks his honesty was solely because he's married to a private investigator and she would have definitely found out anyway. (Being a PI didn't exactly help Alice figure out that she was engaged to a con artist, but I digress.)

When we finally meet Val's soon-to-be ex, Gordon (aka Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Mireille Enos' husband IRL), he's kind of hard to hate because he comes to the firm seeking help for his sister who is suffering from multiple sclerosis. Alice is surprisingly sympathetic towards him when he confides in her, but perhaps we should keep in mind that there's a sliding scale here — after all, she was engaged to a guy who gave her a fake name and life story. So, yeah, I'm #TeamValerie on this one.

Gordon ultimately realizes that he needs to respect Valerie's decision and finally hands over the signed divorce papers. When Alice pushes her friend to answer whether or not this is what she really wants, Valerie demands to know how she can possibly ask her that after what happened with Christopher. Alice admits that, "I want to believe that love is possible — especially after what Christopher did to me," before going home and staring at old photos of she and her ex-fiancé. Cut to Christopher, who is (you guessed it!), scrolling through the exact same photos. This guy is seriously pining and even his latest victim keeps encouraging him to call Alice. (Is it me or is the Princess overly concerned with Christopher's love life?)

While Margot is in the other room, Christopher calls Alice and warns her not to trust Dao — then he begs her to stop looking for him "for her own safety." Based on what we know Margot's capable of, I think this is one time we can rest assured that Christopher is being honest. And his attempts to keep Alice out of harm's way are probably the most romantic gesture we've seen on The Catch thus far — like I said, it's a sliding scale on this show.

Images: John Fleenor/ABC (2)