Here's Where To Buy Brooke Candy X MAC

In case you missed it, a small MAC and Brooke Candy collaboration launched online last year. It really was an amazing intro to this breathtaking, up 'n coming pop music rebel. Obviously, the partnership was a beautiful thing, since the singer and the brand are reuniting for a bigger, better collection that is coming this spring. Brooke Candy for MAC is a limited edition series of products. It's also an inclusive collabo and the singer designed it with all women in mind. "I embrace all women," she says in an exclusive phone interview with Bustle about her MAC range earlier this year. "I feel like I have included something for everyone [with this collection]." Where can you shop Brooke Candy X MAC?

The collection will be sold online at the official MAC Cosmetics site on April 28 and will be available for purchase at MAC stores and at MAC counters on May 5, which was confirmed to Bustle by MAC Cosmetics PR team.

"This collection has 15 products and it has a product for every girl," the singer says, pointing out the key difference between her debut MAC range and her latest collaboration. "I wanted to keep it classy and classic, and eccentric. It's a representation of where I am at now, both mentally and spiritually."

Candy also explained that her new MAC collection is "more light and fun. It's more whimsical."

Here is a rundown of the collection.

Lipstick in Doo Wop, $18, MAC

The hot pink Doo Wop lipstick is her favorite product. She even recommends using it as an eye sheen or a blush.

Eye Gloss in Yin, $23, MAC

The eye glosses can be used to add a spot of sheen to eyes and lips. Candy calls it a "simple way to add glamour" and a fancier upgrade to "the Vaseline trick."

As for Brooke Candy's personal beauty philosophy, which she distilled into this range? It's two-fold.

"Makeup allows you to transform yourself," she says. "I have always been married to both sides of human nature — light and dark. You can't understand one without the other and MAC has given me the ability to explore both. They have given me the proper platform for my voice and backed my vision, that is so f*cking cool."

But wait... there's more! "Embrace yourself and love yourself and care for yourself," she further says about her beauty views. "Embrace your flaws. Love your body. I am all about self-love and natural beauty. I have come a long way. I used to feel like I needed to wear a ton of makeup to feel beautiful. And I don't think that is the case. I think makeup is great to finesse what you already have. But you have to love yourself first."

Bronzing Powder, $27, MAC

Amen to that. You can love your look when you use these products, too.

Lipstick in Whirl, $18, MAC

My favorite product is this pinky lipstick. That packaging, though! Yes, the dripping black graphic reminds me a bit of Kylie Lip Kits and Glosses. But it's definitely Brooke Candy-centric.

Images: MAC (7)