9 Etiquette Tips Friends & Coworkers Will Like

Everyone has their own unofficial and personalized little book of etiquette. This often includes things that get under their skin — like not popping gum loudly in public or wiping off gym equipment after your workout. But instead of stressing over super-specific things that might set off a coworker, it's best to be aware of the common everyday etiquette tips that keep your world a happier, friendlier, and more respectful place. These habits (and the things that help you stick to them) will have the people around you appreciating how kind and considerate you are — something you knew already

If you always put your music on full blast on the train to prep for your busy day, you may be sharing your tunes with the rest of the car. There's a good chance that anyone who's reading, napping, or trying to squeeze in some last minute work is silently cursing your love for loud EDM in the a.m. To keep up your morning routine without becoming the enemy of the morning commute crowd, rock out solo with in-ear, noise-isolating headphones. Or if your allergies are causing you to snore and your roomies complain that they haven't gotten a decent sleep all week, use a noise dilator to increase airflow and decrease your Z sounds. Read on, and enjoy your brand new rep as a total Kate Middleton of etiquette.

Old Fashioned Thank You's Have Special Meaning, So Send Personalized Snail Mail

Kate Spade New York Bridal Note Card Set , $20, Amazon

Did your coworker go above and beyond for you to help you make deadline? Do you want to give your BFF a special shout-out for making your bridal shower so special? While we do live in 2016 (and texting and emailing is a totally valid form of communication), sending an old fashioned hand-written note is always the best way to tell someone how much you appreciate them. This adorable card set by Kate Spade has ten gold lettered 'Thank You' cards with pink and gold coordinating envelopes. The insides are blank, so you have space to share your own personalized message with that totally awesome person in your life.

Your Music Is Meant For You Only, So Isolate It With In-Ear Headphones

Genuine Wood In-Ear Noise-Isolating Headphones with Mic , $25, Amazon

I get it: Some days call for a lot of caffeine and blasting your favorite Spotify playlist to get you through. This can be great for you, but dreadful for everyone else on the train or in the office. To keep the new Justin Bieber album reserved for your ears only, use in-ear headphones with soft silicone ear buds that give you a comfortable, noise-reducing fit. Bonus: They're made with wood for better acoustics, and they have a built-in microphone for taking hands-free calls (that actually stay between you and them).

Missing A Meeting Or Dinner Date Sucks, So Keep It Together With An Organized Monthly Planner

Bloom Daily Planners 2016 Calendar , $13, Amazon

There are too many things in life to remember to not have a physical planner to back you up. Having a cute, decorative one will make it easier to carry around and keep yourself reminded of your 2 p.m. lunch date with your boss (or your confusing not-this-weekend-but-the-next trip with the girls). This mint chevron printed monthly planner has a spacious, two-page spread for each month, and its pages let you keep track of yearly goals, to-do lists, and monthly spending.

Snoring Disturbs Sleep, But You Can Snooze Happier With Noise Dilators

Rhinomed Mute Nasal Dilator for Snoring Reduction , $15, Amazon

Snoring is a totally normal and common thing, but it can be frustrating and sleep-depriving for everyone involved. Using these nasal dilators will gently open your nasal passages and prevent airway blockage. If you've ever tried (and failed) in the past with nasal strips, these flexible and lightweight Mute dilators increase airflow 38 percent more than strips. Bonus: Mute dilators come in three sizes, and they're reusable up to ten times.

Dumping Stuff On The Bar Blocks Space, Instead, Hang It Up

Tapp Collections Top Purse Hanger, $10, Amazon

I'm guilty of throwing my jackets and bags carelessly onto the table when I'm out with friends on a Friday night. Although this can seem like no biggie, it can take up more space than necessary — not to mention expose your stuff to theft. To avoid this, I usually bring a portable hook to bars to let my bag hang under, so I can keep my items in view and out of everyone else's space. Bonus: This hook comes with a velvet carrying pouch, which makes for easy grabbing when it's buried in your bag.

Office Fridge Space Is Scarce, So Take Home Meals When It's Time

Smart Portables Meal Prep Container, $15, Amazon

If you're constantly filling up the office fridge with a mid-day snack, last night's leftovers, or several carry-out containers— you might not realize how annoying this can be for fridge sharers. This durable and leakproof reusable container has three compartments that are removable and interchangeable, so you can fit everything you need into one space. Bonus: These containers are microwave-, dishwasher-, refrigerator-, and freezer-safe. Everyone will thank you, the new office hero.

Your Shared Workout Equipment Gets Sweaty, But Lavender Gym Wipes Keep It Clean

Wipex Natural Gym & Fitness Equipment Wipes (75 wipes), $11, Amazon

If your apartment has a mini-gym that you hit up after work, you may not think to disinfect the rowing machine after you hop off. Meanwhile, the person waiting to jump on after you is totally grossed out. Since most gym equipment holds more bacteria than a toilet seat (yikes), keep all-natural equipment wipes in your bag that contain vinegar (known to be tough on sweat) and lavender essential oil, which has a clean and refreshing scent.

Always Gift The Hostess — A Cookbook Holder Is A Great Housewarming Pick

Lipper International Cookbook Holder , $13, Amazon

Your event-hosting friend loves cooking and having your group over for regular couples' nights, but no matter how regular they've become, you should bring a gift to show you appreciate the effort. This cookbook holder with a bamboo base and acrylic shield is something she can use when she's whipping up future meals for you and your squad. She can easily wipe it clean, adjust it to fit any of her favorite cookbooks, and store it away, if needed. Pro Tip: Throw in the newest cookbook by her favorite vegan chef — it'll be a win-win after she bakes you one of its delicious dairy-free treats!

Alarm Buzzing Every Ten Minutes Annoys Roomies, So Try The Silent & Vibrating Alarm

Silent Vibrating Personal Alarm Clock, $17, Amazon

You almost never wake up to your ringing alarm (join the club), so everyone in your apartment eventually wakes up on your schedule — and they hate it. This problem is easy to solve by wearing a silent, vibrating alarm that will gently jolt you awake in the a.m. without disturbing anyone else. You can attach it to your wrist or store it under your pillow for added convenience. One user called this her "best purchase on Amazon" because it made getting up easier, which improved the rest of her entire day.

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