Khloe Kardashian Has A Simple, Genius Nail Hack

The Kardashians have many talents and beauty is definitely one of them. Between their trendy styles and surprising makeup tips, the family has secrets for just about everything — including manicures. Khloe Kardashian shared a super simple nail tip on her website that will instantly enhance the color of any polish. The best part is that you probably have everything you need for the one-step mani update already hiding in your polish bag. Say goodbye to boring, flat nail polish, because Kardashian just made springtime beauty even more bright.

If there's one Kardashian to look to for some colorful tips, it's Khloe. She's constantly wearing pretty polish and colorful lipstick, and now she's sharing some of her beauty secrets with her fans. According to her website, the key to getting vibrantly colored nails is white polish. Instead of using your typical clear base coat, Kardashian suggest painting one layer of white nail polish instead. That gives the color a blank slate to shine on.

The hack really does make completely sense. According to Beauty Editor, the best base coats smooth out ridges and imperfections, similar to a face primer. The right white polish can do just that and add vibrancy. It's a win-win! Looks like the Kardashians have come to the beauty rescue yet again.

This isn;t the only nail tip that the Kardashian's have given over the years. After spending almost their entire lives surrounded by beauty experts, it only makes sense that they'd have a few tips to share. Whether you're looking for some all-natural nail love or the perfect acrylics, these women have some tips for you.

1. Sometimes Natural Nails Are Best

After constantly wearing long acrylic nails for a while, Kylie Jenner realized that natural nails can be just as show-stopping as faux ones. “I just sat down and looked at my nails and realized long nails were so weird looking on me,” she told PeopleStyle.

2. Supplements Are Key

It's no secret that Kourtney Kardashian loves all-natural fixes, and sometimes that means a little added vitamins. According to Shape, she uses RejuveCare to get strong, healthy nails.

3. Color Is A Good Change

Although she's normally rocking a neutral on her nails, Kendall Jenner loves to switch it up with a pop of color form time to time. “If I’m going on vacation, I like color," she told Estée Lauder. "My favorite polishes are royal blue or red."

4. Neutrals Make For A Clean Look

Unlike her sisters, Kim K almost always keeps to neutral nails. "I almost always wear nude nail polish," she says on her app. "I either pick a neutral shade or a pinky nude, and switch between sheer or opaque! It's such a clean look."

5. Spice It Up With Different Finishes

Kylie launched three different nail collections with Sinful Colors and each of them were a different texture. If there's anyone for switching up a look, it's this girl.

6. Use Quick Dry To Avoid Smudge

According to her app, Kylie uses Essie's Quick-E Drying Drops to make sure her color doesn't smudge.

7. Multitasking Tools Are A Must

Tweezerman Neon Hot 4-in-1 File, Buff, Smooth & Shine Block, $10, Amazon

In the same post that Kardashian shares her white polish tip, she also talks about a four-in-one tool that buffs, smooths, files, and shines. I guess even the Kardashians multitask!

Thank goodness for the Kardashians and their expert tips!

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