Is 'House Of Darkness' A True Story? The Lifetime Movie Will Scare You No Matter What

Lifetime's original thrillers tend to depict the horrors that can be lurking around the corner in everyday situations. Rarely do they venture into the supernatural — why would they, when real life can be so terrifying? However, this week's movie is a notable exception, incorporating the other worldly element that made movies like The Conjuring and The Amityville Horror so terrifying. House Of Darkness is Lifetime's answer to all of those films that made you scared to turn the lights off at night, and it might be the network's creepiest offering yet. The kicker? According to Lifetime's website, House Of Darkness is based on a true story, so prepare to be even more creeped out.

Here's the network's synopsis of the undoubtedly scary film:

Inspired by true events, the supernatural thriller House of Darkness recounts the mysterious case of a San Francisco family who claimed that a dark force was responsible for the tragic events that unfolded... Trying to save their struggling marriage Kelly, her husband Brian and their daughter Sarah, move to a rural farmhouse in search of some serenity. Unbeknownst to them, nearly every family that has lived in the house has suffered some form of tragedy, dating back nearly 100 years... Will Kelly and her family be the next victims of the dark forces in the house?

It's unclear exactly what "true events" the movie is inspired by and though it does have a similar title to the book House of House Of Darkness, House Of Light: The True Story, that's likely not the source material. Nowhere on Lifetime's website does it say the film is the connected to the book, and most importantly, House Of Darkness, House Of Light was written by Andrea Perron, whose experiences with the paranormal inspired The Conjuring. Since the book was already adapted as a movie, Lifetime's House of Darkness likely is based on a different story, especially since Perron's experience went down in Rhode Island, while the TV movie is set in San Francisco.

But hey, maybe we're better off not knowing the exact true origins of Lifetime's House of Darkness or what really happened in the end that just makes watching it all the more terrifying.