Alicia Made A Questionable Bond On 'FTWD'

The characters on Fear The Walking Dead have started to acclimate to the zombie aspect of the apocalypse, but they still have a lot to learn. This includes not trusting strangers, because no matter how charming a person may be, you never know who's going to be a Governor or a Negan. Who is Jack on Fear The Walking Dead ? Alicia's new friend is probably up to no good.

During the episode, Alicia was surfing the radio when she heard the voice of a person named Jack. (Is his name a Titanic reference? I certainly hope so!) It didn't sound like a distress call as much as a plea from a lonely survivor looking for someone to talk to. According to him, Jack is on a boat with limited fresh water and only his brother and sister-in-law for companionship. Alicia initially was hesitant to answer his call, but then they got to talking. I couldn't help but think of how jealous Rick Grimes would be of Alicia in that moment. Remember how he used to try to contact Morgan that way? She is truly living her dreams. Unfortunately, I don't think Jack is as friendly as Morgan.

I don't trust this dude one bit. I think Alicia is being Tom Riddle's diary-ed (which is ironic, as Fear The Walking Dead's Frank Dillane played Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ). Jack casually got her to reveal details about their location and resources on Abigail The Yacht. He made it seem as if their ship was going down so that she'd tell him more. However, Strand forbade it — especially after they came across a boat whose passengers had all been brutally killed... and the radar showed someone heading their way. In their last conversation, Jack told Alicia that he's "got her" and then said "I'll see you soon" before cutting off communication. Yikes!

As much as I would like to, I'm not blaming Alicia, not just yet. While this is certainly a rookie mistake by The Walking Dead's standards, the characters on Fear are still in a trial by fire — sometimes literally. Still, is Alicia too young to have heard all those horror stories about chatting with strangers on the internet, back when that was every parent's worst nightmare? I hope for everyone's sake that Jack is a good guy on Fear The Walking Dead, but I can't shake the feeling that Alicia's been duped.

Image: Richard Foreman/AMC