These 'GG' Clues Might've Hinted At Rory's New Job

This is not a drill! I have news that you're going to find pretty damn shocking: Based off some new photos released by Entertainment Weekly on Friday, Rory Gilmore might be a teacher, not a journalist, in the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival. If you were a grade A Gilmore Girls fan and bought EW this week, you may have spotted a picture in their Gilmore Girls feature that had your jaw hitting the pavement. (If so, I wish you all the best at your upcoming emergency dental appointment.)

That's right. Rory Gilmore might have pulled a full-on Alison DiLaurentis. Though it's not clear if this is really her profession (there's only a photo of her standing by a charkboard in front of a class of kids who look suspiciously like Chilton students) or what subject she might be teaching, some hints can be gathered from the released photo. In the immortal words of Vulture journo Devon Ivie: "Specific professorial plot points are being kept under wraps, so start speculating as to what subject (English) she may be teaching (it's definitely English) at the school (seriously, it says "Jane Eyre" on the chalkboard)." I mean, yes. Can't argue with Ivie's detective skills. Looks a lot like she might be teaching English.

But, if this is her career in the revival — is this as unexpected a career choice as it seems? Sure, our girl spent roughly 1000 years battling with Paris after assuming the editor role at Yale, and, well, it would kind of grate that all of that turmoil was for nothing since presumably neither Paris nor Rory ended up doing anything in journalism. But I believe there were a lot of clues left throughout the series all along.

1. Rory Thought Academic Success Was Everything

Brains are an investment for the future. Stay in school!

2. She Always Had The Caffeine Habit Of A Teacher Staying Up All Night Marking Exams During Finals

Professionals like coffee. Teachers need coffee.

3. She Was Always Great At Explaining Stuff Too

And she didn't seem to mind it, either!

4. As A Teenager, She Was Suspiciously Critical Of Her Own Use Of Slang

You know she's that teacher now that's all "Jane Eyre's relationship with Mr Rochester is cool? Do you think there's a more descriptive adjective you can use to explain what you mean?"

5. This Look Of Annoyance Would Subdue Even The Most Out Of Control Students

If you meet her gaze, you turn to stone.

6. She Loves Books

Never seen Rory look this aroused, ever, and she got to make out with a young Milo Ventimiglia on a regular basis.

7. Look, She's So Much More Into Books Than She Is Into Milo Ventimiglia! #Proof

Also, that apple. Totally an easter egg that she was going to be a teacher one day.

8. Rory Gilmore Was Always The Most Middle-Aged Woman In The Room, Even As A Teenager


9. She's Been An Academic Overachiever Since Day One

Queen of the nerds since five-ever.

10. Going To Chilton Was Great Practice For Carrying Home Bags Full Of Books To Mark

Just saying.

11. She's One Of Life's Natural Disciplinarians

Cold but effective.

There's a hackneyed saying which goes "Those who can, do, those who can't, teach." Suck it, phrase: Rory Gilmore can and she does. Can't wait to see Stars Hollow's most committed teacher ever raising a whole new generation of overachievers.

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