Copy Kendall Jenner's Ripped White T-Shirt & Shorts For A Look You'll Live In This Season — PHOTO

This model slays at off-duty style, no matter what time of the year it is. Kendall Jenner just wore the perfect laid-back outfit for spring, and managed to make it edgy at the same time. Her denim shorts and white t-shirt combo is perfect to throw on, no matter where you're going. The lightweight jacket she paired it with only elevated the outfit, but still had a very relaxed, boho-chic vibe. So, if you were wondering what your festival wardrobe was going to look like — I think you just found out.

Everything about this ensemble just worked. It was cool and comfortable, both of which are essentials for springtime attire. Jenner even opted to go braless and casually flaunt her nipple piercings underneath her white tee, which only made the look more effortless. Nipple ring or no, you can totally pull off going without a bra this spring because who needs that extra layer when it’s so hot outside, you know?

She topped the look off with a pair of sneakers (because comfortable footwear is also key) and a some great sunnies. With an outfit like this, she was ready for anything. There’s never a time when these casual, cool staples aren’t appropriate. See her latest OOTD and shop similar pieces for yourself. Although, good news is, you probably have these pieces in your closet. Basics like these are items everyone —yes, even a top model — should own.

Comfy-chic? Now, that's something I'm into.

1. The Ripped Tee

Vital Distressed Crop Tee, $29.40, Nasty Gal

A ripped tee will give you all of the carefree feels.

2. Denim Cut-Offs

Denim Short In Dark Wash, $48, ASOS Curve

You can't go wrong with these classic bottoms.

3. Lightweight Jacket

Hooded Asymmetrical Longline Jacket, $19.50, Forever 21

OK, it'd be really hard not to look instantly cool in this, wouldn't it?

4. Casual Sneakers

Champion Pearl Leather Sneakers, $75, Keds

A pair of leather kicks will perfectly complete the outfit.

5. Brow Bar Sunglasses

Snake the Bar Aviator Shades, $20, Nasty Gal

Don't forget to throw on some brow bar sunnies before heading out!

And there you have it, the Jenner-approved laid-back, yet chic ensemble. Go out there and show 'em what you've got because springtime is calling your name!

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