Storm Named Peace To Wreak Snowy Havoc

by Isobel Markham

Its name may mean "peace" in Latin, but Winter Storm Pax is set to wreak havoc on the eastern United States. If you live anywhere between Texas and New England, it's likely you have felt, or will feel, the wrath of Pax. The National Weather Service has called it "catastrophic" and "paralyzing," even saying that the storm is "an event of historical proportions." Winter Storm Pax already iced parts of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, before striking Georgia early Wednesday morning.

Pax has already been responsible for a number of road accidents, including one ambulance skidding off the road in Carlsbad, Texas, claiming the lives of three people. At least five people have died in Pax-related incidents so far, including two in Mississippi.

Several cities in Georgia, including Atlanta and Marietta, are due to see up to five inches of snow, with even heavier snowfall to come in northern parts of the state. Georgia Power is reporting that right now, nearly 100,000 of its customers are affected by power outages. The state has brought in 180 tons of salt and sand to supplement its store of 22,000 tons of salt, 70,000 gallons of brine, and 45,000 tons of gravel. There are also hundreds of Georgia National Guard troops on standby, in case hospitals or nursing homes need to be evacuated.

As for Atlanta, which was notoriously unprepared for its last storm? Well, this is the second snowstorm to hit Atlanta in two weeks — and conspiracy theorists think they've nailed what it's all about. Apparently it's a massive chemtrail operation by "diabolic factions of the U.S. government," as Richael Maddow reported Wednesday night. Of course!

Sorry guys, We know that's much more interesting, but it really is just a snowstorm.

And if you're thinking of traveling anywhere during the next few days, have a think about rescheduling. Amtrak has suspended several services in the Northeast, Southeast, and Mid-Atlantic regions, and so far over 3,000 flights have been cancelled.

If you already have a flight booked, the flight information site has a great tool to show you how miserable your journey is likely to be, thanks to delays.

Pax is now beginning to make its way up the East Coast, where parts of the Carolinas and Virginia are expecting up to 14 inches of snow, with power outages likely. The National Weather Service warns of "significant accumulations" of snow for the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Meaning, by Thursday morning, New York could be under a 10-inch blanket.

But if you do live in the Northeast, then you've got the rest of the afternoon to stock up on provisions. And if you order delivery, heavy tipping is your friend. Weirdly enough, some New York State postcodes tipped less during the polar vortex than during normal weather.

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