2014 Westminster Dog Show Winner Has a Killer Beard That Looks Somewhat Familiar... PHOTOS

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People often find it offensive to be compared, looks-wise, to a dog, and while I can absolutely understand why that might be an issue, in the specific case of being compared to Sky, the wire fox terrier who won the Westminster Dog Show, I would think it an honor. After all, just look at her beard, her adorable little walk/run, and once again her beard. I feel no shame in saying that I almost wish for one myself.

In honor of Sky's impressive win, and her even more impressive beard, here are some celebrities whose facial hair, and faces resemble our mighty Westminster warrior. For those of you still harboring reservations about being compared to a dog, just remember, Sky isn't just any dog, she is a winner, and being compared to a winner is never an insult.

Images: Getty Images

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