Proof Tom Hiddleston Takes His Roles Seriously

by Emily Lackey

If there’s one thing that I can say about him, it’s that Tom Hiddleston is incredibly good at his job. Take, for instance, his role in The Night-Manager. During a For Your Consideration event for the miniseries, Hiddleston opened up about how he prepared for the role by spending a night managing an upscale hotel. In fact, he learned so much on his night shift that, according to executive producer Stephen Garrett, when they filmed scenes for the series (in an actual hotel, by the way, that was still up and running while they shot), “people kept trying to check in with him. Over the course of the night, eight people approached him and were rather irritated that he was unable to check them in and show them to their rooms.”

Talk about a convincing portrayal! Clearly, nobody transforms themselves so entirely like Hiddleston does for his roles.

But going above and beyond for the sake of getting into character is par for the course for Hiddleston. For almost every major role he’s had, he’s been candid in interviews about how much work he has put into preparing for them. In fact, name one of Hiddleston’s recent roles, and you’ll likely find some fact on the lengths this amazing actor went to in order to prepare for the role.

I Saw The Light

For this film about country crooner, Hank Williams, Hiddleston reportedly moved into a house with vocal coach Rodney Crowell and proceeded to transform himself physically and vocally into the illustrious singer. Talk about serious sacrifice for his role.

Crimson Peak

For this gothic horror film about some pretty messed up family dynamics, Hiddleston admitted exclusively to Collider that he read a book on the early psychology of family dynamics, which I’m sure was helpful for the super co-dependent family his character found himself in.


In order to prepare to play a doctor in this psychological thriller, Hiddleston reportedly viewed a real autopsy. He worked with one of the top pathologists in the country, and basically just watched him as he went about his work.


For his stunning work as Loki, Hiddleston apparently read up on a number of books about the way families can mess up their children. Appropriate, since clearly Loki has had a trauma or two inflicted upon him.

War Horse

To prepare for this Steven Spielberg classic, Hiddleston told Just Jared exclusively that he went to a six-week riding camp where he says he “fell in love with horses.”

Midnight In Paris

Playing a literary bigwig is no easy feat, but Hiddleston revealed to The Guardian exclusively that he mastered his portrayal of F. Scott Fitzgerald by reading the writer's real love letters to Zelda.

Muppets Most Wanted

It may have just been a cameo, but Hiddleston still took his part very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that he mastered his impressions of Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog.

See what I mean? Hiddleston is a total pro. Just add it to the list of reasons why I love him.