Stefan's Body Is Inhabited By A Serial Killer On 'The Vampire Diaries,' So Get Ready To Meet Serial Stefan

Does anyone in the world have less luck than Stefan Salvatore? Not only is his soul currently trapped in the body of a human alcoholic (*please insert Ripper bloodlust comparison here*), but now it seems as though the vampire inhabiting Stefan's body on The Vampire Diaries is actually a serial killer from Memphis back in the 1800s. And I'm not just calling him a serial killer because he's a vampire and killing is just generally what they do. According to Alaric, this guy took pleasure in murdering people long before he ever received his fangs. His specialty was attending college parties — much like the fraternity party Serial Stefan just crashed — and forcing his victims to murder each other.

He was never caught. (Probably because Rayna had entrapped him inside of the Phoenix Stone.) And now that he's out, it seems like he's just dying to return to his former habit. One can hope, of course, that the Mystic Falls gang will be able to find him and stop him in time before he does any real damage. But, let's face it, those college kids are totally screwed. There's no way they're going to get there before the evil deed is done. Plus, when has TVD ever shied away from death and destruction before? So yeah, this party is definitely going to turn into one heck of a bloodbath by morning.

However, that's not the only problem Stefan & Co. have to worry about. Considering that Stefan wound up in a human body, the clock is ticking until his time in there runs out. Much like we saw with the vamp that inhabited Jo's body for an episode or two, a vampire soul cannot be sustained inside the body of a human. That means Stefan now has 48 hours to return to his original body or face dying for real this time. All they have to do is convince Serial Stefan to cooperate. What could go wrong? (Everything. Everything could go wrong.)

Image: Bob Mahoney/The CW