Apple's New iPhone 6 Ad With The Cookie Monster Is Truly The Cutest Thing You'll See All Day — VIDEO

Has anyone ever commented on your unusually blue, furry, oddly puppet-like appearance? 'Cause I have a theory that you might find a little tricky to swallow: You and the Cookie Monster are the exact same person. Apple recently released an iPhone 6s advert starring the Cookie Monster that proves beyond any reasonable doubt that, when baking, the Cookie Monster is your (and everyone you know's) spirit animal. The Cookie Monster is everyone's favorite Sesame Street character so it'll come as no surprise that he's been chosen to star in this painfully adorable advert.

Let's hit the evidence. Exhibit A: He's completely overexcited when he tries to conjure up Siri via voice control and she addresses him by his name. "Hey, Cookie Monster," She says and Cookie Monster cranes his head round to try and find the camera crew. "You know me!" he exclaims. "She know me!" Indeed, she does. Exhibit B: He forges new friendships via the only possible way (there's no other way, right?). For those of you who've never made a friend before, let me spell this out for you: via the exchange of food. "Me gonna give you a cookie, Siri!" he says excitedly. This now signals they'll be friends for life. That's just the law. Seriously, go look it up in the Constitution.

Exhibit C: The Cookie Monster proceeds to use Siri's timer function for its only sane purpose: timing your delicious homemade baked goods' odyssey from batter to best-cookies-ever in the oven. "Is it ready yet?" He asks. "How 'bout now? How 'bout now? How 'bout now? How 'bout now? How 'bout now?"

Exhibit D: Cookie Monster then waits for the cookies to be ready like all of us do. By standing frozen in front of the oven door pretending to eat the cookies making exaggerated nom-nom-nom crunching sounds. (Hang on, my bad. My editor tells me this one's just me. But when he looks at the way the cookies reflect themselves in the door and calls them "ghost cookies" — doesn't this gentle whimsy remind you of yourself baking cookies for your flatshare, sweet urbanite?)

In this culture of rocketing interest in self-help, it's no surprise that even the Cookie Monster has a certain level of self-consciousness about the impact his own behavior can have on others. After playing the drums with a whisk and a wooden spoon next to the iPhone 6s, he suddenly turns to Siri with concern: "Siri, is this annoying?"

Ahh, Cookie Monster, you're just like us. Flawed and human and battling a sugar addiction. Check out the video below and enjoy!

Images: Apple/YouTube (3)