15 Best Aria Outfits From PLL Season 1

by Julia Musto

If you're a big fan of this show, you might recall that Aria Montgomery outfits from season one of Pretty Little Liars all have a similar punk theme. As the viewer, you can tell from the Aria's pink-streaked hair in flashbacks and all the black lacy numbers she wore that she's supposed to be the slightly grungy girl of the group. This archetype can tend to be somewhat clichéd when it comes to outfits (think flannels, black skinny jeans, leather jackets, boots, et cetera), but the Pretty Little Liars costume designer seems to be able to put a romantic spin on every outfit to match with Aria's sweet but sassy personality, making for some pretty cool ensembles!

In season one, Aria is definitely younger and somewhat dresses like it. But, overall, she acts more like the older girl of the group of four. Some of her wardrobe staples, including her black leather jacket, belts, boots, layered necklaces, and amazingly extensive collection of dangly earrings, are awesome and versatile. Although all the Liars have legit style, I can definitely relate more to Aria's wardrobe than that of clothes horse Hanna Marin's collection of six-inch stilettos. In fact, I even have that "KALE" tank Aria sleeps in and, at one point, had electric blue streaks in my hair, if you were still wondering which Liar I identify with most when it comes to wardrobe.

Over the years since the pilot, Aria's style has transformed, but marginally. In fact, it seems like Aria's hair has changed more than anything else. However, watching her fashion choices every season has been fun. Let's commemorate by talking about her 15 best ensembles from the first season of the show, shall we.

1. The Meet-Cute Outfit

This plotline might be dicy, but you can't deny the magic of this dress with that leather jacket.

2. The Second Meeting Outfit

Uh oh! At least Aria is slaying in this purple dress and dark jacket.

3. The Stripey Outfit

This striped tank is super cute, versatile, and perfect for summer (or the high school lunchroom).

4. The Earring Outfit

Aria's pheasant earrings overshadow the necklaces and lacy top, but in a good way. Rock 'em, girl!

5. The LBD Outfit

This LBD is lacy and adorable and totally works with Aria's cool-punk style.

6. The Casual Cool Outfit

Patchy jeans are so back, and this is a great casual look for Aria.

7. The Metal Outfit

The chains on this otherwise sweet dress add a bit of "Aria" to the look.

8. The Homecoming Outfit

Aria's sassy black, multi-patterned homecoming dress adds a bit of intrigue to her usual blacks.

9. The Church Outfit

This patterned sundress and bangle combo works well on Aria.

10. The Actual Teenage Outfit

The cute leopard cardigan, t-shirt, jorts, and tights are definitely something I wore in high school and actually make Aria seem like she's in high school.

11. The Plaid Outfit

This plaid corset dress is hot, but maybe too hot for school?

12. The Flapper Outfit

This hot green fringe top under the signature leather jacket makes Aria look ten years older, and is totally cute.

13. The Red Outfit

This gorgeous red dress makes sure we know that red is definitely Aria's second best color.

14. The Sexy Outfit

This polka dotted corset is definitely what I would wear to my boyfriend's apartment.

15. The Cocktail Party Outfit

This dress and necklace combo is truly indicative of most of Aria's fashion and styling choices.

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