Is A Kylie Cosmetics Foundation Coming Soon? This Retweet Could Be A Major Clue

With two Kylie Cosmetics lip products out already, there's a whole world of possibilities as to what could come next, but Kylie Jenner might have just dropped a big hint. Could a Kylie Cosmetics foundation be coming out soon? A recent retweet by the Lip Kit queen herself could imply that this is the next big release she has in the works.

When a fan recently tweeted at Jenner implying that maybe she's been wearing a foundation of her own making for a while now without telling her fans, Jenner retweeted it to her own profile. She is the queen of social media hints, from giving us Instagram clues about the next Lip Kit launches to announcing her new shades on Snapchat, and that's why her latest retweet is so important. Jenner always chooses what she puts on social media wisely, so I wouldn't take it with a grain of salt. She isn't one to mislead her fans.

This isn't the first time she's brought up making a foundation of her own, either. In an interview with PopSugar, Jenner said she was extremely interested in creating foundation for Kylie Cosmetics, which has left many people speculating about whether her own range would be coming soon.

Her followers instantly caught on to her sneakiness as soon as she retweet the hint. Although it's not official news, it is exciting to see that more products seem to be in the works. She keeps saying on social media how she wishes she could tell us what she's been working on, but it's possible that she could be showing her fans already. After all, she has been posting a lot of up-close selfies lately.

If you look closely at her social media, it appears that Jenner was actually wearing her glosses before they launched as well. She could easily be wearing Kylie Cosmetics foundation in pictures and videos without her fans even knowing it!

Jenner sure knows how to get her fans excited! Although there's no telling when or even if there will be a foundation, I'm willing to bet that it would instantly be a best seller, just like her lip products.

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