Former Nickelodeon star and noted Justin Bieber hater Drake Bell has filed for bankruptcy. According to TMZ, Bell is $581,000 in debt and makes $2,820 a month for expenses that cost him $18,771 monthly. Also, he apparently owes $1.597 million dollars on his home which he lists is worth $1.575 million. It is unclear why the amount he owes on his home is larger than the amount it's worth or why he is only making around $3,000 a month if he is currently working on three upcoming movies. We do know that while Bell made $408,000 in 2012, he made only $14,099 in 2013. Bell voiced several television shows last year, so that number is surprising.

What we know for sure is that Bell is still working on his music and plans to perform this Friday. Bell recently tweeted that he's giving away two tickets to hear him play a show with San Diego radio station Channel 93.3. If things go well with Bell's music, maybe he'll get back on track soon. Bell released a single, "Bitchcraft," in January. It's not the best thing ever, but it is better than you would expect for a song called "Bitchcraft."

Good luck to Drake Bell while working through his financial problems. I feel confident that he'll be back to insulting Justin Bieber in no time!

Images: Getty Images; Drake Bell/ Twitter