Similar Colin Firth Characters To 'Bridget Jones'

Colin Firth is one of the most distinguished actors of this generation. The Oscar winner seems to be cast in a certain kind of role in several of the movies he's been in throughout his career. Many times Colin Firth has played an awkward, but sweet and loveable character in a movie. You know the type: Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones' Diary and its sequels, Jamie from Love Actually, Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, and even Geoffrey in the Oscar-winning movie The English Patient. "I haven't only been a string of repressed Englishmen in suits," Firth told The Daily Mail. He has played a lot of them, that's for sure.

Firth has played not-so-dorky roles, sure. You can see him as a villain in Shakespeare in Love, and a man who suffered great loss in A Single Man. So Firth isn't always awkward, cute or stuffy in a suit, but somehow those roles are his most iconic and recognizable. And hey, he seems to be really great as those characters, so I'm, not complaining at all. Later this year, Firth will return to his awkwardly cute role as Mark Darcy in the upcoming movie Bridget Jones' Baby.

Check out Firth's awkward and lovable roles in the movies below, because they're awesome.

1. Bridget Jones' Diary & Sequels

How could I not include Mark Darcy in this list? Sometimes he seems stuffy and unemotional, but he always seems to say the right thing at the right time to make us all swoon.

2. Love Actually

Firth plays Jamie, the writer who falls in love with Aurelia, the Portuguese maid. They have plenty of awkward moments together, because they don't speak the same language. It all builds up to his adorable proposal at the end.

3. Mama Mia!

Firth sings, too, in this musical as British banker Harry, one of many possible fathers of Sophie. Awkward.

4. What A Girl Wants

In this comedy starring Amanda Bynes, Firth plays her character's father, a British Earl who didn't know he had a daughter.

5. The King's Speech

Firth won an Oscar for this serious role as King George, who starts visiting a speech therapist for his stutter. The king gets frustrated and feels awkward, but it's hard not to care for him.

6. Nanny McPhee

Firth plays the clumsy Cedric Brown, the patriarch of a family of seven kids that are hard for him to handle. So he hires the best nanny he can find.

7. Hope Springs

In this romantic comedy, Firth plays a painter escapes to Hope, Vermont, in the USA to get over his girlfriend and finds love with a nursing home attendant.

8. Pride & Prejudice

Of course have to include Firth's famous role as Mr. Darcy in the much-celebrated BBC miniseries adaptation of the Jane Austen novel. Darcy starts off a bit awkward, but by the end, he wins everyone's hearts — including Elizabeth Bennet's.

9. The English Patient

Firth plays Geoffrey in this Oscar-winning film, in which the characters wife cheats on him and he dances for everyone (see above).